Saturday, August 11, 2018

Back from the Abyss

It's been difficult to find time and discipline to return to blogging.
My quiet blog in NO way reflects that life has been quiet.
In fact, this has been the busiest and most exciting few months I've experienced in many years. Rather than catch you up in one long "Run On" of words & photos, I'd like to just begin again with today....

The first block I've made for this quilt is 4A Pine Burr.
I discovered this pattern through my blogging friend Karen - Log Cabin Quilter.
Several other blogging friends are sewing along with her including Cathy, Julie and Carole.

I started with the middle rows of the quilt because my 7 year old grandson is anxious for me to make Bovina the Cow. The Cow is what drew me into this quilt initially. My grandson & I have a special ritual. Once a week we drive down a long country road passing a field of 4 white ponies and then a dairy farm. He is always eager to count the baby calves and comment on how they are all growing. This is our 2nd year monitering the herd that he has grown so fond of.

3B (untitled) is a Grove of Trees.
I chose to back baste needle turn this block. The directions tell you to cut 8 individual tree trunks to form the circle. I opted for an easier approach. I used a traditional applique' fold & cut method to create a smooth 1 piece ring of tree trunks. I started off with a square of freezer paper and folded it into 8 sections. Then 1 drew one trunk between the folds and cut it out.

The center of the block has a tiny embroidered wreath. Mine is about the size of an American Quarter.

And the final block I've completed so far is block 3A Darting Minnows.

At this point, I would like to join in with Karen and the group participating in the Dearest Boy Sew Along. I will begin working on the same blocks they are making. In addition, I will try to catch up over the next few months on the blocks they've already completed.
If you'd like the Dearest Boy pattern by Jean Cerbone you can purchase it on her Etsy page HERE.

every quilt tells a story.....


  1. What gorgeous and amazing blocks you have been making!! Love each one!!

  2. I think this quilt is going to be fun to make since your grandson is so excited by the middle block. Enjoy the process.

  3. I was drawn to this quilt because of the cow,too. I haven’t started mine yet. Still selecting fabric. Thanks for the tree trunk tip. I definitely will use your idea. Thanks!!

  4. I love the Pine Burr block. You were very clever on your approach to the tree trunks.
    Nice Minnows blocks. I really like purple and green together.

  5. What a delightful experience with your grandson and how it's drawn you to this quilt pattern. I'll be looking forward to seeing your blocks.

  6. Wonderful applique as always!! The way you created those tree trunks was brilliant. This quilt is so unique and will be a memorable journey for you - and how sweet that your grandson is interested.

  7. welcome back, we missed you :D

    Oooh, this is such a gorgeous pattern ! I bet your version is gonna be gorgeous. Keep going…

    In stitches,

  8. Your blocks look wonderful--I think you were smart to use an easier method for the tree trunks!

  9. Love to have you back again, but you're right. We can't just do it all. We have been making plans none the less! HAPPY!

  10. I love the blocks you have made, they are beautiful!!! I love the story of your grandson, how special - it was the cow that drew me in too. Thanks for the tip on how to simplify the tree block, I'll definetly be copying that idea.

  11. Glad that you are back, I missed your blogposts. What an awsome quilt you started to work on. I am looking forward to Bovina the cow too!
    Love the rituals we have with our grandchildren. It gives them so much security and safety in a world that seems to be spinning around more quickly every day!
    Have a wonderful week! Love to hear about your plans!

  12. Soooo nice to see a post from you. And to learn you are participating in the Dearest Boy sew along gives me one more person to admire...from the sidelines. I love this pattern but this type of applique' is above my skillset. Karen (Log Cabin Quilter) lives about 2 hours north of me. I've threatened to visit for lessons...teehee.

    I look forward to following your progress, Doreen.

  13. I was so glad to see your post! I always hope that everything is okay, that people are just busy, when I don’t see a post from them in a while. Such a sweet story about you and your grandson! I like your solution for the tree trunks. Your blocks look great so far, I am sure your grandson will be delighted with the cow block!

  14. Another fantastically hard pattern. I know those are your specialty. Already love your blocks.

  15. Welcome back my friend! I know how busy you have been this summer and we all appreciate your hard work! I have been following the Dearest Boy makers and enjoying every post. Your blocks are lovely and I look forward to enjoying your journey.

  16. What a Amazing quilt you are working on :-O Looking forward to watching your progress :-D

  17. What amazing blocks!! I can't wait to see all these quilts altogether!!

  18. Oh how beautiful! I came over from Log Cabin Quilter (Karen)'s blog to see yours. I'm excited to see the cow soon. I keep telling Karen how much I look forward to the cow. Your blocks are amazing!!

  19. You always have the most amazing projects! Love your blocks. Welcome back.


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