Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Quilt Museum visit

Day 3 of their visit - Petra, Judith, Laurie, Patti & I headed off to the VA Quilt Museum. It was a blustery cold day with just a few snowflakes teasing the sky.

We immediately warmed up once we were all inside.
Gloria Comstock (the Museum's curator) was happy to take Petra & Judith on a behind the scenes tour of the Archives room and explain how each quilt is carefully processed and documented.

A very special quilt had just arrived... created by a cousin of Abraham Lincoln.
Would we like to take a peak at it resting downstairs in the vault?
Why yes of course we certainly would!
And Petra was even allowed to photograph the quilt.

Off to lunch and a visit to Patchwork Plus quilt shop.

Petra purchased some fat quarters of 1800's reproduction fabrics.
As soon as we arrived back home she began mixing them into her own collection of Dutch fabrics. She said "these will make for a wonderful scrappy quilt" and knowing Petra's work, I have no doubt it will be gorgeous!

It was a very exciting day!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

A Special Week with Petra Prins and Judith Ebbelaar

I had been waiting for months in great anticipation for the day to arrive.
Petra Prins and Judith Ebbelaar coming to Virginia for a special visit.
Their plan was to come to America on a 2 week vacation to catch up with friends and visit a few interesting places along the way. How very fortunate I was to be along the first stop on their Journey.

Petra agreed to provide 2 workshops while here in the States ... one here in Northern Virginia and another one later in the week at Mary's Quilt Shop in PA. The pictures I'm sharing today are from the workshop here in VA.

It was a very special Dutch Workshop with Petra Prins. The day was wonderful, a sold out venue of 30 students gathered in a large room to see all the gorgeous quilts and fabric designed by Petra Prins . Here we begin setting up for the day.

The technique that Petra & Judith demonstrated for us was hand piecing curved shapes. We worked on the center block of Petra's quilt pattern/design titled "Sisters". A gorgeous floral center with lots of curved shapes to practice our stitches.

Here is the gorgeous quilt:

We were all so excited to make our blocks using the gorgeous Dutch fabrics designed by Petra. And also very grateful that Petra & Judith provided books, fabric and quilt kits for us to purchase.

Each student received a beautiful tote bag as a gift for attendance with Petra's signature on it.

It was a day that we will always remember fondly.

I look forward to sharing more pictures of our time together in my next post.

every quilt tells a story....

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