Monday, November 6, 2017

My quilting lately has been a bit Scattered

This Autumn has started off quite unusual. Although the leaves are pretty, the weather has been warm and inconsistent of normal temperatures. My quilting activities over the past month or so have mirrored this same inconsistency.
Like scattered leaves - it's been all over the place.

Blocks 19 & 20 of the Stonefields quilts, the block is called "the Oscillator".
I have my own affectinate names for the themes I've chosen:



My most recent Dutch Treat blocks:




I've joined a few of my friends in beginning a new EPP BOM program by Sue Daley called Round We Go. Only I have decided to machine piece my blocks rather English Paper Piece them. I already have WAY too much hand stitching in my current project pile. Here are my 1st set of blocks:

For the next 6 weeks however, it will be time to reel in my sewing activities.
I am focusing full time on the task of hand quilting all of my SVBAQ blocks.

My quilted blocks are starting to pile up but I still have a ways to go before I'm finished. I want my quilt ready in time for the submission date of entries for the Botanical Exhibit the Virginia Quilt Museum will be hosting this upcoming Spring. You can learn more about the exhibit HERE.

Are you currently focusing on a special project?
I'd love hear what you're working on!

every quilt tells a story.....

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