Friday, September 8, 2017

Introducing Eagles of Peace, a special group effort

I am a member of a volunteer group organized to donate our time and efforts to assisting the Virginia Quilt Museum. This Spring and into early Summer, our team was very busy working together to create the 2017 Opportunity Quilt for the museum. It is an applique quilt titled "Eagles of Peace".

The quilt measures 74" x 77". It is a reproduction of a quilt in the museum's private collection dating back to the mid 1800's titled "Hannah's Eagles".
Below is a close up of part of the original quilt.

Here are some pictures of our journey....

Our first day

the day we finished the quilt top

Hooray it is finally quilted

a close up of the quilting while hanging in the museum:

We refer to our group as the "Friends of the Virginia Quilt Museum". I am honored for the opportunity to work with these talented quilters and priviledged to also call them Friends.

The women that I worked with on this quilt are: Nanette Bell, Susie Corrao, Marcia King, Lisa Matlick, Jaclyn McEwen, Annie Mitchell, Gail Muller, Laurie Sanders, Harolyn Small, Patti Snyder and Pamela Wynfield.

The purpose of this quilt donation is to help raise funds for the museum. It will remain on display (or perhaps even travel to quilt shows) where the public can view it and purchase raffle tickets for an opportunity to win the quilt at the drawing event next Spring. If you wish to visit the museum's website to see the original quilt - Hannah's Eagles, or purchase tickets please click HERE (a full size pattern for this is also available at the museum and on their website)

every quilt tells a story......

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