Thursday, June 15, 2017

Back to blogging....



These are my first 2 Dutch Treat blocks for the month of June.

I apologize for my little "break" from blogging the past few weeks.
I've had some significant events and deadlines that have kept me constantly busy.
The work is all done and I've taken with me some fun and fond memories.
Now I'm ready to play in my sewing room again.

This is my Red Touch Me Not Botanical Block for the month of June. See the blocks that other quilters are sharing on the SVBAQ blog HERE.

Last week I took a road trip with friends to La Bee da Loca in Culpeper,VA.

A reminder of how important Bees are for our environment:

I came home with some of Felicia's locally farmed Honey and a few other treats.
And earlier that morning my friend Peggy Baer presented me with this Queen Bee keepsake locket. I LOVE it and think it's BEE-utiful!

This sculpture in front of the Culpeper Visitor's Center describes what I thought of our fabulous day:


  1. Your Sweet treat blocks are wonderful and your botanical block is SO Sweet ! I love your locket. Our area is all about protecting the bees !

    Welcome back :-D

  2. nice to see you back and progress on DT!looking great

  3. All sounds good, your blicks just devine! You're hare bag you gave me is back in the states! I took it on our road trip!

  4. Wonderful blocks of your WIP's.
    Happy Weekend.

  5. Such beautiful new blocks you have made! Interesting trip to learn about the importance of Bee's and I just love your Bee pendant! Have a good weekend!

  6. Glad you're back. Blocks are beautiful.

  7. I like how you fussy cut for your flowers on the botanical block. I am wondering how you will do the rainbow block since you are limited in color. I look forward to seeing that block.

  8. I'm good you squeaked in some sewing time and got two more wonderful DT blocks done. The fussy cut flowers on your botanical block add an extra sweet design element. Ed has set up three hives this spring and the bees are so fascinating to watch. ( I only watch from a very safe distance. ). Love your queen bee pendant.

  9. Looks like you are having a fun busy summer :) We have two hives and lost the older of the two a few weeks ago, we will try again next Spring. It seems we are constantly replacing one hive or the other every couple years. Your DT blocks are beauties!

  10. Great to have you back and your lovely DT blocks .

  11. What a neat locket! We have put up a bee house on our property to support them.
    Looks like your over 1/2 done on your DT blocks. How do you decide which to do?
    Nice fussy cutting on your touch me not block.

  12. Love your blocks. The locket is very beautiful. Hugs

  13. All beautiful blocks.
    Looks like the bee adventure was lots of fun!
    We planted a bee friendly pollinator section in our gardens this year.

  14. Oh my goodness, you are a bee lover too? This kindred spirit thing keeps on going! I have always loved bees, but it is even more important today to keep them alive and working. Our fabulous "Coastal Botanical Gardens" had a marvelous summer long theme last year about "The Pollinators". I think many eyes were opened to the fact that we need to protect our bees (and butterflies) from dangerous pesticides. O.k, I'm off the bee box now and I want to tell you how much I love your Red Touch Me Not block! I can't even fathom how hard those two Dutch Treat blocks were to reverse applique. They look like two of the most difficult so far.

  15. My name ( Debra ) means bee :) Or busy as a bee or SCATTERED like a bee, lol :)

    I made two pillows years ago with Honeycombs and embroidered bees to go along with a book about bees that my little grandson loved at that time ( he was around 2-3 yrs old then )

    So of course I just love this post and the locket! :)

    I garden and in the summer just adore seeing the bees surrounding some of my bushes and flowers ( my Rose of Sharon bushes are a huge favorite )

  16. Wow, great memories quilt and you got the perfect setting for any of your blocks.
    I enjoyed the trip show.Thanks for sharing.I follow Yvonne´s blog.


  17. very beautiful and so lovely work :) i like your good idea ,Thanks for the inspiration!



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