Thursday, June 15, 2017

Back to blogging....



These are my first 2 Dutch Treat blocks for the month of June.

I apologize for my little "break" from blogging the past few weeks.
I've had some significant events and deadlines that have kept me constantly busy.
The work is all done and I've taken with me some fun and fond memories.
Now I'm ready to play in my sewing room again.

This is my Red Touch Me Not Botanical Block for the month of June. See the blocks that other quilters are sharing on the SVBAQ blog HERE.

Last week I took a road trip with friends to La Bee da Loca in Culpeper,VA.

A reminder of how important Bees are for our environment:

I came home with some of Felicia's locally farmed Honey and a few other treats.
And earlier that morning my friend Peggy Baer presented me with this Queen Bee keepsake locket. I LOVE it and think it's BEE-utiful!

This sculpture in front of the Culpeper Visitor's Center describes what I thought of our fabulous day:

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