Friday, May 12, 2017

Dutch Treat blocks travel to The Netherlands

I still have plenty of details to share soon about my special trip to The Netherlands.
Because I truly believe every quilt tells a story, this post is about my "Dutch Treat" journey and the impact this quilt had on my trip.

More than 4 years ago I started my Dutch Treat quilt journey.
I had Mary Kucera Roberts LeClerc to thank for that. I purchased the book 12 years ago, but after sitting on a shelf for nearly 8 years, it was Mary that convinced me to dust it off and "crack the binding open". A prolific quilter with a generous spirit - she encouraged me to take on this monumental quilt project.

And so my journey began. As I worked on my blocks over the years, I reflected on the "someday" dreams of visiting Holland in the Spring.

Well this dream came true and off I flew to The Netherlands with 8 quilting friends and 7 blocks from my large pile of completed Dutch Treats.
And here is where the journey took us...

To one of the worlds largest Gardens - The Keukenhof

To the Zaanse Schans Windmills where we braved the wind and rain to see such Beauty.

To Marken to visit a Wooden Shoe factory:

The Shoe Maker was such a good sport (notice his tie holder)

Delft Blue Porcelain & my Salt & Pepper block

A trip to the Van Gogh Museum. Drats, no pictures allowed of the paintings so my block is posing just below one of Van Gogh's vase of flowers paintings.

A visit to the home of Dutch Quilter & blogging Friend Yvonne van Rijn.
(read more about our wonderful visit in my next post)

I was excited when my friend Laurie and I came across these large Dutch Rabbits!

Although this isn't a block from the book, I wanted to have a rabbit block in my quilt. As soon as we arrived, I drew up this block an began stitching it. And here is a fun coincidence - One of the quilting friends we met thru Yvonne is Bernadet. Her husband's family last name translates in English to "Hare" or rabbit. I just had to take a picture of Bernadet with my rabbit block, it was meant to be.

We discovered a Chocolate shop in Amersfoort called Sweet Sisters. The perfect place for our final Block picture. We are all members of a very charitable group of quilting friends called the Hearts & Hands Club.

I hope you enjoyed this little Block Show.
This experience has added a special path to my quilt journey and will allow me to enjoy many fond memories of the places and people I fell into step with along the way.

every quilt tells a story...


  1. What great memories! I am so envious.

  2. What a wonderful story to add to this marvelous quilt. I think you will need to make a photo label of these to add to the back!

  3. I think that is so neat to have taken this trip and bring some of your blocks with you to work on and take photos of in such a very great setting. Sometimes I wish I would have made the whole quilt and not such a small version - then other times I say yes it was the right way to go.

  4. I think it is marvelous that you thought to take along some of your Dutch blocks for the experience of actually having been there. Love those Dutch looking. Did you see the little Dutch boy with his thumb in the hole in the dike? That is what I remember from a childhood story.

  5. Well I feel encouraged hearing about the book sitting on the shelf for so long and I have enjoyed seeing your treats materialize on here over the past year or so :) How fun to have taken some with you on this journey :)

  6. You did find the perfect photo opts for your blocks!

  7. Oh wie schön, jeder Block zu einem passenden Ausflusgsziel auf deiner Holland-Reise.
    All the block are wonderful.
    I am looking forward to your travel post.
    Happy Weekend.

  8. I don't think there is ever a quilt made with more special memories than this one! So many special memories!

  9. What an amazing trip! Your memories are priceless, and your quilt all the more special.

  10. We lived in the Netherlands for four years (youngest son born there 41 years ago) and it is a beautiful country. I can't think of the name of the city right now but you can get your picture taken in Dutch costume...very fun!

  11. How sweet an appropriate each location is for the blocks you chose to take...this is going to be an I Spy for your quilter's heart indeed!!

  12. This was just perfect! What a great story and I love the way you used your quilt blocks. The trip sounds like a dream to me and I look forward to reading more about it.

  13. Quiero contarte que he empezado el Dutch Treat gracias a tu blog.Hace poco tiempo, así que no tengo muchos bloques hechos. Alterno con el Dear Jane y The civil war bride's quilt. ¿Trabajo para varios años felices!
    Hace poco he hecho una buena amiga holandesa y me hizo reír mucho lo que para ellos significa dutch treat.¡Algo peyorativo!
    Un saludo. Seguiré visitándote.

  14. Wow, great memories quilt and you got the perfect setting for any of your blocks.
    I enjoyed the trip show.Thanks for sharing.I follow Yvonne´s blog.

    Have a fun week.

  15. what a beautiful post about your very special quilt. This quilt will be an instant heirloom and is so elegant. I loved see the photos of them on your special trip.
    The wooden shoes and tulips especially. We used to vacation in Holland, MI and visit the Dutch Village where they made shoes....and candles and cheese. What a beautiful country and people from the looks of it. Not to mention the bunnies :)

  16. Fantastic - this fabulous trip will certainly make your beautiful quilt even more special!

  17. I loved reading this entertaining post, how clever to take your Dutch Treat blocks with you - this really will be a quilt of memories.

  18. What a wonderful way to connect with your Dutch friends! Love seeing their show and tell!!



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