Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Making a bit of progress



Happy to say that I finished my Pink Wreath for the SVBAQ sew along this month.
The block is a bit brighter than it shows in the the picture.
My camera never seems to capture red or pink fabrics in their true tones.

A Red Wreath was also assigned for January.
Hopefully I will have it finished by month's end.
To see more beautiful Wreath blocks from the sew along click HERE.


  1. Your wreath is so pretty, the green for those leaves is just perfect. I know what you mean about trying to capture true colors in photos, I seem to struggle with that a lot even when I take things outside for a photo shoot!

  2. Know what you mean about the camera not always picking up true colors. I think it has more to do with the lighting than the camera but I certainly am no expert at photography.

  3. love the wreath and the little blocks - coming along nicely

  4. Wonderful blocks on your WIP's.
    Happy Weekend, Manuela

  5. Love your wreath! I must say I was a bit intimidated by the thought of two of these in one month, but it looks like I might make it. I love the Cocoon block, it is deceiving because this one doesn't look like reverse applique. It must have been a hard one to do.

  6. Your wreath is stunning! :) As are the other two blocks in this series

  7. Very pretty wreath block! You continue to make wonderful progress on your Dutch Treat blocks. I can never seem to get the colors right in my quilt photos.

  8. The SVBAQ is going to be a stunning quilt. Can't wait to see your January wreath block.

  9. Applique wreaths are so beautiful and yours is no exception. Yay, for two more Dutch treat blocks!

  10. what a sweet wreath block. Your stitching is always so perfect and lovely. The cocoon block is so neat.

  11. I just love seeing your Dutch Treat filling in.
    Beautiful wreath finish too!


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