Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Farewell to May and a few more Shares

I can't believe it's June 1st already!
The Sunflower was chosen as the June block for the Shenandoah Valley Botanical Sew Along... found HERE. Above is my Red & Taupe version.

Also completed in May were a few more of my Dutch Treat blocks.

AFTERNOON - Day One of Colorado trip at Dawn's House

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting one of my favorite BLOGGER Friends!
Kyle Redente of Timeless Reflections drove to Dawn's house to meet everyone.
She is as lovely in person as reflected in her blog posts! She was such a joy to meet and to be with! I hope we will meet again some day!

Kyle is also an extremely talented Quilter!

This is Kyle's version of the "Noah & Matilda", Baltimore Album quilt.
The quilt top is gorgeous and her applique' work is stunning!

Kyle also brought her completed Yellow & White version of the Big Leap quilt. (from the sew along I hosted a few months ago) What a treat to see this finished quilt. It looks even more beautiful in person!

Dawn provided us all with an amazing quilt study lecture with emphasis on Hexagon quilts that she shared from her personal collection. All of the quilts were stunning beauties and covered an age range that spanned more than 2 centuries.

Dawn also provided us all with hand inked signature squares to fill out and swap.

I even received one from Kyle. (grin)

How very thoughtful of Dawn to create these beautiful Signature square stampings for our group to exchange. What a fabulous souvenir and memento to take away from this very special day we all shared! I'm already contemplating ideas for making my Colorado Signature Quilt. Thank You Dawn!

wishing you all a Wonderfully Creative start to June!


  1. Those quilts and blocks are absolutely beautiful.Great job.

    Have a fun day.

  2. The treat was equally mine, meeting you in person and now knowing the person behind your beautiful work. Dawn's hospitality and preparation of the signature blocks, as well as seeing a small part of her awesome collection made the day very special. I hope we get to meet again someday. Thanks, Doreen.

  3. Can't wait to see your red and taupe quilt together. Everything else is gorgeous, too.

  4. How exciting to meet with Kyle and see those wonderful quilts of hers - I bet you had so much to chat over. Love your Dutch Treats but couldn't pick a favourite. Looks like you had fun embellishing your sunflowers - thanks for sharing your method on the SVBAQ blog - some good tips there!

  5. Beautiful Sunflower block! Your Dutch Treat blocks are always a treat to see! I read Kyle's blog, she is a fabulous quilter! How wonderful to meet in person.

  6. How wonderful that you were able to meet with Kyle. I have been a follower of Kyle's blog for a long time and have seen here Amazing quilts but for you to see them in person is such a treat :-D

  7. Love your Dutch Treat blocks...and yes! Kyle is just an amazing quilter...I love to see her work!!

  8. Wonderful blocks.
    Wonderful photos from Kyle quilts.

  9. Looks like a wonderful time, love your sunflowers and that Lotus dutch!!

  10. Oh you lucky girl! I would love to meet Kyle and Dawn and YOU! Someday soon, I hope. I adore your sunflower block and I am currently redesigning mine to eliminate all those fussy petals! Your Dutch Treat blocks are stunning. Such a contrast to the SVBAQ blocks!

  11. It was a wonderful gathering of quilters. Sharing quilts with other like minded quilters is such a joy - thank you for helping to make it all come together.
    Kyle's quilts are beautiful.
    Love your blocks - so pretty.
    Thank you for sharing!

  12. Love seeing all your photos of the Colorado gathering! The inked signature blocks are exquisite & will hold special memories for each of you. Wrapping up the month of May with your Dutch Treat blocks & the SVBA block is a perfect way to transition to summer days. Beautiful applique!

  13. Love your Dutch treat blocks and your sunflower block.

  14. That trip just sounds so wonderful. It is always exciting when you meet a blog friend in person for the first's like you already know them.

    The signature squares are a great idea and super special.

  15. What a fun gathering this must have been to have Dawn and Kyle both sharing their quilts.
    Your Sunflower block is just perfect and your Dutch treat blocks are really multiplying fast, they are so pretty together.

  16. I have just started making Dutch Treat. Loving it so far, but i have only made 4 blocks. Now I am going back in your blog to see your DT blocks.
    Kathleen Mary


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