Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A little behind.....



I've fallen a little behind on blogging the past couple of weeks.
Family life has just been filled with lots of big activities...
The most precious event was my little grandson's graduation from Nursery School.

On our final day in Colorado our group went to the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum. We shared the day with our hostess Dawn Ronningen, Shona Halberstadt and Terry Pryke (who traveled all the way from South Africa)

The exhibit was:

I don't want to spoil the exhibit for those planning to attend, so for now I will just share 2 of my many favorite quilts. The first one was by Kay Haerland of New South Wales titled: A Different View

The detail in this quilt was truly amazing! 3 dimensional layering of fabric and embellishments made this so lifelike and drew you in for a closer look.

There were several fabulous hexagon quilts!
This one was the simplest in design, yet I loved this interpretation of the traditional Mosaic Diamond pattern.

Especially how the large floral prints were showcased in the center of some of the hexagon diamonds.

It was such a wonderful exhibit with many more beautiful and inspiring quilts!

The entire trip to Colorado was Awesome! I've taken away SO many fond memories of wonderful places and special friends.

every quilt tells a story....


  1. Oh my! That little mouse looks to jump off the screen, wow! I agree that it has been difficult to fit in sewing with life this last month!! Your grandson is so cute and looks so proud, yay!

  2. Stunning examples of the quilt exhibit! Such wonderful detail. Your new Dutch Treat block is another elegant piece of applique.

  3. Those quilts are exquisite. I love that little mouse. Congrats to your grandson. It is so exciting to watch the little ones grow.

  4. Wow, awesome quilts and blocks.Hard to choose my favorite.Congratulations to your grandson,so adorable.

    Have a fun week.

  5. Your blocks are so intricate. Love your little cute! I am loving the quilts you saw in Colorado, too. does get busy.

  6. All of your Dutch blocks continue to be charming and delightful. Your grandson is so cute in his cap and grown. This are the special moments that create family memories. I was able to go to the RMQM a couple of weeks ago. It was a fantastic display. Glad you got to see it too. Hope you're having a great summer.

  7. Two wonderful quilts from the exhibition.
    Your new two Dutch blocks looks good.
    Greetings, Manuela

  8. I am wondering how the quilt maker got the stripes on the underneath part of the mushroom to go different directions. My first thought is that they are painted.

  9. Wonderful quilts to explore at the museum! Nice work on your latest blocks, too.

  10. That little mouse looks SO life like WOW !!!

    Your blocks are AMAZING !!! Perfection !

    Your Grandson is turning into quite a young man. They grow too quick don't they. Hard to believe that my Grandson is celebrating his 1st birthday this weekend .
    Have a Happy And Safe 4th of July !!!

  11. pretty blocks. I love the wave especially.
    Your grandson is so cute!
    thanks for sharing those quilts, the mouse looks so real.

  12. I so love the blocks at the top of your post. Thank you so much for sharing the quilts. The mushrooms and the mouse are unbelievable. Looks so real. Hugs

  13. Your little grandson looks so handsome in his cap and gown! Love your Dutch Treat blocks for this month. Thanks for sharing those amazing quilts! That little mouse is so life like.

  14. I agree, family first! Your graduate is just adorable.
    So happy you enjoyed your visit to Colorado. Glad we could pack everyday with quilting fun. Thank you for sharing.

  15. OH look at that little cutie!! :) He is just absolutely adorable. If this post was about sewing he stole the show for me, lol :)

  16. OH look at that little cutie!! :) He is just absolutely adorable. If this post was about sewing he stole the show for me, lol :)

  17. Beautfiwork on your blocks, such a cutie for a grandson. Beautiful quilts thanks for sharing.

  18. It looks like you've been enjoying a few wonderful adventures, not the least of which was graduation. How sweet. Love the hexie quilt - it looks like an amazing show.

  19. Your little grandson is so adorable and looks so proud, sweet!! Thanks for sharing the quilts, the quilting on the mushrooms is stunning!!! WOWZA!!


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