Thursday, May 26, 2016

Colorado Beauties

I had the most wonderful time in Colorado!
I flew in with a group of Quilting friends, all very special and dear to me.
There were so many amazing experiences and activities packed into just a few days. I will have to share them all over several blog posts.

This was our Welcoming Committee!
Dawn Ronningen and Lisa Matlick met us at the Airport with these super fun and creative signs.

Morning - Day ONE:
I had the distinct privilege of meeting a few members of the Interfaith Quilter's of Longmont Guild! These ladies are extremely passionate quilters, all dedicated to helping/serving their community. They are also extremely talented, endearing women.

Their Guild was just featured in McCalls Magazine. (the March/April 2016 edition) Celebrating 30 years of community service - you can read about them on page 82 in the magazine.

Suzanne Thayne, Julie Althorpe, Karan Michael, Katherine Huelskamp, Me, Peggy McDonald and Elizabeth Muehe

Their members have been working on Dear Jane quilts over the past few years with some assistance from my class tutorials/program. I've been eager to meet with them and see their stunning quilts.
Dawn graciously opened up her home for all of us to meet in person!

Missing from the group due to a recent move was Corry Love, the woman that initially pulled this group together to work on Jane.
Determined to share this special day with Corry, her friends brought her to our meeting via an online link called SKYPE. What an awesome way to be with her despite the miles in between!

notice Corry's Jane quilt in the background

Below is some show & tell... all of these quilts were stunning to see!
You can click on the pictures for a larger view.

Elizabeth Muehe

Katherine Huelskamp

Peggy McDonald

Karan Michael

Julie Althorpe

Suzanne Thayne

Also driving out to meet us that morning was a friend of Dawn's - Linda Rhodes. Here is her amazing Jane quilt.

Linda Rhodes

I have more to share about my first day in Colorado in a couple of days.
However, I would like to end this post in saying what an honor it was to meet these very special women from the Interfaith Quilters of Longmont Colorado!

I speak not only for myself, but also on behalf of Dawn and all of our friends in attendance. This was a meeting and exchange that we will always treasure.
Thank you for the wonderful memories!

every quilt tells a story....


  1. Quite the inspiration! Gorgeous DJs and quilts. Thanks for sharing your experience, looking forward to hearing more

  2. What a Amazing group of women ! Stunning DJ quilts . How fun for all of you to get together in Colorado

  3. Oh what fun! Meeting Blog friends is so special. Happy for all of you!

  4. Thanks for sharing photos of all those beautiful quilts!! Every one a work of art, wow!!

  5. Absolutely amazing quilts! Sounds like a great time, Doreen. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  6. WOW! Amazing quilts, amazing stories, amazing women--kindred spirits

  7. What fun to meet all of those ladies and to see their wonderful quilts in person.

  8. This was just the morning of the first day! So glad all of you could come to Colorado.

  9. Love each and every one of the DJ quilts! I'm sure it was amazing experience!

  10. Wow, amanzing DJ quilts. I'm sure it was a wonderful meeting.
    Greetings, Manuela

  11. What fun to see so many Dear Janes in one place! :)

  12. What fun to see so many Dear Janes in one place! :)

  13. An amazing display of Dear Janes!!! And what a lovely quilt with the houses and churches surrounding the pieced center. Everything about your post shows what a grand time you had - from the airport greeting signs to Skype time. We love Skype for visiting with our kids in Alaska - a remarkable invention! Looking forward to your next posts!!

  14. So much fun! I loved seeing all of the Janes!

  15. So many beautiful Jane's. I never tire of seeing a version of this quilt.

  16. What a treat Doreen. One day....mine will be done.

  17. Katherine huelskamp and I are old dear friends from another life in Maryland. If you see her send her my love, Mary Kuriger from Prince George County .She can reach me at


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