Friday, May 15, 2015

Noah & Matilda - a special Guest Appearance!

I completed a few more blocks for Noah and Matilda.
And speaking of Noah & Matilda.....
I'm excited to announce that Dawn Cook-Ronningen of Collector with a Needle.
is making a Guest Appearance next month here in northern Virginia!
Dawn will be in Warrenton, VA on June 17th and 18th for a special 2 day Event.

On Wednesday June 17th at 1:30 pm Dawn will provide a Trunk Show and Lecture at the Warrenton Welcome Center. On Thursday June 18th Dawn will be a Speaker and guest on a Bus Trip event to the Virginia Quilt Museum to view the exhibit "A Virginia Tribute to Jane Stickle". (the original Dear Jane)

This 2 day event is being sponsored by Kelly Ann's Quilting in Warrenton.
If you'd like to come out and meet Dawn, you may choose to attend her 1 day Lecture or the 2 day Lecture and Bus Trip event.
Please contact Kelly Ann for ticket availability.
(there are a limited number of seats left for the bus event)

The shop has offered classes on traditional and modern applique using Dawn's beautiful patterns. Our most recent adventure has been a Noah & Matilda Quilt Study and BOM program. I've been honored to teach this course with great insight from Dawn - pattern Designer and owner of the Noah & Matilda quilt of 1854.

A few of my students brought in Show & Tell this month:



These students are very excited for the opportunity to meet with Dawn in June!
I will be equally happy to see her again.
And yes...she is as generous, talented, knowledgeable and gracious in person, as she is on her blog.

every quilt tells a story.....


  1. Lovely to see all the blocks of yours and students - such a pretty quilt!

  2. Wow, All are just awesome.Congrats to all!

  3. I am telling are living one exciting life lately!!!

  4. I am telling are living one exciting life lately!!!

  5. Beautiful works from your students.
    Greetings, Manuela

  6. how fun to have a special event with Dawn! Can't wait for the photos. Your students work is great. It's always fun to see all the blocks.

  7. Your fabric choices for the Noah and Matilda blocks are so very pretty. I enjoyed seeing some of your students' work too. I am sure the ladies will enjoy meeting Dawn.

  8. I am so excited to bring the antique and original Noah and Matilda quilts - - as well as a few other antiques to Kelly Ann's. Such a fantastic stitching class!! See you there.

  9. Oh, I am so jealous. I would love to meet Dawn and see her beautiful quilts.
    Yours and your students blocks are lovely. I am still working on my borders for Noah and Matilda.

  10. waw!!!! unos bloques preciosos!!

  11. Everyones blocks are just beautiful !!!
    How exciting for everyone to meet Dawn !

  12. I've got my ticket for Wednesday and will meet you all at the VQM on Thursday. I live about 30 min. south of Harrisonburg. Look forward to meeting you and Dawn. Wish I was closer to Kelly Ann's. I was just thinking I need an applique class.

  13. I've got my ticket for Wednesday, too! I'm so looking forward to seeing her quilts.

  14. I love the Noah and Matilda Quilt. Those blocks are gorgeous!


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