Saturday, April 25, 2015

Red Jane update

While preparing for the museum exhibit this past week, I realized that it's been quite a while since I've updated the progress on my "Lady in Red" Jane.
Above are the last 6 blocks that I've made.

Soon I will begin sashing and quilting the blocks individually. (Quilt as you Go)
It will make the final assembly process much quicker once all the blocks are completed. Here is my progress on this quilt so far:

I've got 50 more blocks cut and packaged, but it will be Fall before I am able to work on this project in earnest again.
Do YOU have a long term project in the wings?

every quilt tells a story.....

Monday, April 13, 2015

Small blocks, bits & pieces

It's been a while since I've posted any progress on my Dutch Treat blocks.
March & April have been very busy months. With 6 family birthdays, classes, workshops, lectures and the upcoming museum exhibit I've been up to my eyelashes in activities.

Dutch Treat is a long term project I want to make progress on this year.
(2 little blocks a month in 2015) I completed The top 2 blocks in the picture above for March and the bottom 2 for April. Blue bells was my first block of the quilt that required a bit of simple embroidery. It was an enjoyable block to stitch.

Below are the 30 blocks I've made since the start of this project
As you can see I only have 106 blocks left to finish!

This Month my students and I are also working on the grape clusters in the outside borders of Noah & Matilda. I'm using assorted purple fabrics.
You can see the strips with small freezer paper circles ironed onto them.

I'm cutting the fabric circles out just slightly beyond the freezer paper's edge.

After baste gathering them to create the look of slightly puffed grapes, I'm sewing these 5/8" finished circles into clusters.

My goal this month is to complete 180 of these grapes for the border.
Sewing them all down will take a while longer.

Every quilt tells a story.....

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