Friday, November 7, 2014

Classroom Show & Tell

I can't believe it's been a month since my last post.
My Activities calendar was packed full!
Since my last post - my Dear Jane Clubs have ended.(all 5 of them here in VA)
So hard to believe 13 months has gone by so quickly... and YES we have our first Quilt Goddess of 2014!
Missy McKenna of Williamsburg, VA has completed her Jane top in 13 months!.

Some of my students have been working on 2 Janes at once, 8 of my students have already completed the center of their quilts and are finishing up the last of their triangles. And many more are getting close. I am so incredibly proud of all 82 amazing women that took this 13 Month journey with me!

Also during October, I had students working on their Modern Applique projects.
This was such a fun class. Everyone really enjoyed the process - especially the concept of turned edge applique all done by machine. Here are pictures of a few of my students quilts in progress:

The pattern was designed by Dawn Ronningen of Collector with a Needle. It is called Radical Rose & Reel. If you are traveling thru northern VA you can find the pattern at Kelly Ann's Quilt Shop in Warrenton. It is also available in Dawn's etsy shop found HERE.

I look forward to working with Dawn on a very exciting project in 2015!
(details to be shared in an upcoming post)

I hope that October was a very Happy & Productive month for all my quilting friends!

every quilt tells a story....

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