Monday, March 31, 2014

Block 3 of Benjamin Biggs

Here is my March block for the Benjamin Biggs sew-along.
I felt a need to slightly modify the original Cherry Wreath block because I'm making the quilt in Purple & Green reproduction prints.
Now my block looks like a wreath of purple berries.

I also decided to embroidery the berry stems on. I'd like to embellish more of the blocks with embroidery if an opportunity arrives. Tomorrow will be the pattern release date for Block #4. I'm looking forward to seeing which one it shall be.

And so ends my stitch work for the month of March!

every quilt tells a story....


  1. Beautiful! I love your color choice!

  2. Looking lovely in these colours and I like your embroidered stems :)

  3. I have not been following this quilt, but this block is very pretty. I think yours is going to be a very beautiful quilt in the end.

  4. Your color choices are great, giving the blocks your own touch. Beautiful.

  5. Beautiful work as usual 'Rene,

  6. Beautiful block. Your applications are perfect.

    Greetings, Manuela

  7. Gorgeous colours, well done ;)

  8. Nice call, changing to grapes. :) Love those embroidered stems, too.

  9. I am collecting the patterns but not made any blocks. I don't know what colors I would use. Your purple and green is going to make an interesting quilt. The wreath looks sweet with the purple berries.


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