Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Layer Cake Mystery Quilt - week 4

This week our pattern will be revealed as we sew our blocks into rows.
Next week our quilt tops will be completed!

By now you should have 2 piles of blocks.... 21 4patches and 21 sets of flying geese.

I would like for you to choose 9 more sets of geese and turn those into 4 patch blocks like the ones you made last week.

Now you should have a total of 12 sets of geese and 30 4patch blocks to make your quilt.

There are LOTS of pictures attached to this weeks instructions.
(click on any of the pictures if you wish to enlarge them).
The design is created by sewing 4 simple row patterns... A,B,C and D.

BEFORE YOU BEGIN SEWING YOUR ROWS TOGETHER - arrange/audition them first in an order that is pleasing to you.
Once you have the quilt laid out to your liking - then begin sewing.

You will need a total of (3) A rows and (2) each of rows B,C and D.

Let's begin with the assembly instructions for each of the rows.

Now Row B:

And here are rows A + B together:

Row C assembly:

Row D assembly:

Here are rows C + D together:

Once you have each of your ROW units sewn you will begin assembling your quilt by sewing your A+B rows together and your C+D rows together. You will have (1) row A section left over. This will be the final row of your quilt.

Continue assembling your row units into pairs following this order:
* row 1 = row units A+B
* row 2 = row units C+D
* row 3 = row units A+B
* row 4 = row units C+D
* row 5 = row unit A

It's important to keep your row units paired in this order to create the secondary background design of "Waves or Streaks of lightning" that emerge as you sew this top together. Here is an example of all 5 row units laid out on my flannel wall:

Next week you will sew your 5 final rows together and we will share picture links of our finished quilt tops.

If you are sewing this quilt and would like to share your progress this week, please link up your blog below.

every quilt tells a story...

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  1. Oooooo....your quilt is so pretty Doreen!
    I can hardly wait to get going...have to get my hair done first today...we must look good sewing...don't ya think?? Most days I look like a rat sewing!

    Have a wonderful long weekend!
    Hugs, Nancy W.

  2. It`s absoultely beautiful!!

  3. What a clever design! Makes a great graphic quilt. I may have to make one in black and whites. Hmm, you have me planning.

  4. Oh Doreen!

    I LOVE IT !!!!!

    I can not wait to start sewing these together ! How Fun !

  5. I love your new header and Blog design SO fresh looking :-D

  6. I am now on step #3 and loving this mystery! I posted my fabrics choices and linked up even though I'm not on step #4 yet...hope that's OK!
    I will be ready for step #5 posting for sure!

  7. This looks like so much fun. I'm going to save your clues to work on later.

  8. Oh so pretty..I keep watching the progress.

  9. It has been so far. Will start this step today. Loving doing a mystery, my first.

  10. This is a great technique that I shall use again and again.. not only in your mystery but
    incorporate in other quilts..and using a smaller square of fabrics.. thank you Doreen
    I love mysteries and learning new things.


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