Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fabulous Fabric Win from Minick & Simpson!

I am a HUGE fan of everything designed by Minick & Simpson so imagine how happy I was to learn that I won a Honeycomb pack of their upcoming fabric line called Midwinter Reds!

My package arrived today and in addition to my Honeycomb prize Laurie & Polly included several yards of fabric from their new line as well. I already know what I'm going to make with this very generous gift.

In case you didn't know - I love RED fabrics and quilts! That's why last week I couldn't resist the new Pattern A is for Apples they designed for this new line.

It's available to purchase from their site as an instant download.
They have a new book coming out as well.
I can tell by the cover that I'll have no problem finding a project to make using my stash of Indigo Crossings fabric they recently designed.

I am one very happy Quilter today!
And YES... I finally passed that darn kidney stone yesterday!
I'd like to thank everyone for all the well wishes.
Now I'm finally able to get back to assembling my Jane quilt!



  1. My, but you are one lucky woman! I love Minick and Simpson too!

  2. Yummy fabrics! You are so lucky! Glad to hear that darn stone is gone... and good riddance!

  3. Beautiful fabrics, your a lucky girl. Some of my favorites lines have been by Minick and Simpson.

  4. What a lucky girl you are. I just love all of the Minick & Simpson fabric ! I also have the Indigo crossing fabric in my stash ;-)

    So glad that darn stone passed ! Now you can finish your Modern DJ quilt :-D

  5. I guess you rock today! :0). Great fabrics!

  6. lucky you, and what a fabulous "extra "they added. Hope you are recovered from the woes of last week, i was just wondering today about you, so glad you posted, must mean things are OK

  7. Beautiful fabric, congratulations on your win. And you have already decided what to make of it :-)
    Your Modern DJ quilt chart looks so great, fabulous.
    I'm so glad that stone passed. Good to know you are feeling better.

  8. well just how lucky are YOU????
    I love their fabrics and quilts too
    this one is calling me!

  9. Lucky you! Looks like a great red!

  10. P.S. so glad you are feeling better!

  11. Wow! Congrats on the win and congrats on feeling better too! Beautiful fabrics and how exciting to win! That's a nice quilt as well. A new fun project for you!!

  12. What a wonderful win! Glad you got rid of your kidney stone.

  13. Yippee~ I love it when one of my blog buddies wins!

  14. Oh, I know you are relieved that the stone passed. I am glad for you.
    Congrats! on that awesome win. That pattern is really neat too. Love the alphabet border. so different.

  15. Good grief, that kidney stone took its gay ole time! I am so excited about your win and I love M & S's new quilts...all of them!!!

  16. I like the alphabet border on the pattern. And so good in the red and white.

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  18. I am looking for the following Charm Packs of Minick and Simpson and thought you might could help:
    Christmas Past
    American Primer
    Clermont Farms
    thanks Paula in KY


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