Sunday, March 24, 2013

Quilting Friends, a trip to Williamsburg

I was invited to attend the monthly Third Thursday Quilter's group in Williamsburg this past week. This group of lovely and talented women meet at Martha Berry's gorgeous Longarm Studio Two Rivers Quilting.

I was so engaged in conversations that I only took a few pictures of Show & Tell. The picture above is a quilt that Eileen made. It was designed by Sherry Whitford who is currently teaching this as a class titled Birth of a Sampler.

My friend Kathy made this quilt. It was also designed by Sherry as a mystery project during a quilter's retreat. (you can sort of see Sherry in right side of photo)

Debbie made these 2 quilts, the smaller finished quilt is for a baby shower. The theme of the shower is Childrens story books so Debbie will present the quilt and the story book titled 10 Rubber Duckies. I thought this quilt was so creative and wonderful! The dresdan plates is for her Mom.

And here is Mary's progress on a gorgeous redwork embroidery and pieced quilt.

Eileen is working on the final assembly of her Dear Jane quilts that she made in Civil War and 1930's themed fabrics.

When I arrived, there were a handful of dear women there that I knew. But after meeting everyone in attendance, it felt like I was saying Good bye to an entire room full of old friends. It really was a special day and I feel very blessed for the experience!


  1. What a fabulous time for you!!! The quilts are just wonderful!! Thanks for sharing!!


  2. It sounds like a wonderful and friendly group of people! And the quilts are gorgeous too!

  3. It seems to be like meeting old friends when you meet a bunch of quilters, I think it is because we all share a common interest. Lovely photos as usual, I really like the colours in the Birth of A Sampler quilt.

  4. Thank you for sharing your special day - and these stunning quilts. Is it Spring in Williamsburg yet? I grew up in Virginia and miss the dogwoods and azaleas. Williamsburg holds a special place in my heart.

  5. Such a nice group of quilts and friends. Would love to go to Williamsburg sometime and take in all the history.

  6. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Lovely quilts! I would love to go to Williamsburg one day soon.

  7. Wonderful quilts.

    Greetings Grit

  8. Thanks for sharing your trip to Williamsburg with us ! What beautiful quilts ! So fun and so many new friends

  9. Gorgeous quilts you have shared with us... Birth of a Sampler is my favorite among them!

  10. Gorgeous quilts, sounds like it was a great day! and making 2 dear janes??? I thought you were the only one doing that! *wink*

  11. What a lovely collection of quilts, I love those Dear Jane's, and she's making two of them!!! Bravo to Eileen!!!!
    It's always nice to spend time among inspiring quilters/friends!!!!

  12. How fun! Look at her Janes! Inspires me to keep up the work on mine. :D


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