Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Seven Sisters quilt block

I finished Seven Sisters yesterday. It is block #3 of the Civil War block of the week by Barbara Brackman. This block was entirely hand pieced - my method of choice was reverse applique'.

The blue background fabric is one of my very favorite 1800's reproduction prints. It's from an older line called Vintage Indigo by Harriet Hargrave. I look forward to using more of Harriet's Indigo prints in future blocks of this sew-along.

every Quilt tells a story...


  1. Congratulations!! Looks great. Did you do it at 6"? I may go back and do it at a later date.

  2. I just love the fabrics in this block. You did a great job with those little stars

  3. Your reverse applique is really great.

  4. Ilove this block. Your applique is beautifully done.

  5. Hi, Doreen, I have been awarded the Liebsters Award and I have passed the award to you as well.
    Go to my blog to find out more about it. If you accept then please post about 3 other small blogs that you like and follow. It is a fun way for blogs with less than 300 followers to get exposure.

  6. Nice looking block; I love reverse applique for this type of design. Wish I'd found out about Harriet Hargraves Vintage Indigo collection when it was new and more available....

    Did you know that there was a thriving indigo-growing and processing industry here in the South for a while? Mostly started by a woman whose father was overseas (Caribbean?) and sent her the starts and skilled workers.


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