Tuesday, November 16, 2010

WINTER BEAUTY - Red & Green revised!

I am SO excited to share this special quilt I designed and the wonderful story of friendship that goes with it!
I love traditional Red & Green quilts and really wanted to make one for my living room. But I also wanted to make it a bit masculine with a cozy warm WINTER feel to it.
So I drew up the design - picked out my fabrics and contacted my dear friend Sue to tell her all about my project! She & I decided we would both create identical quilts from the layout design I sent her. (pictured below)

What makes this so special to me is that Sue lives in California and I live in Virginia. We worked together on our quilts entirely thru pictures and emails over the internet. And when we were done - our quilts turned out EXACTLY the same!
I call my quilt Winter Beauty and she has named her's Winter Rose.
The quilts finished off at 55" wide by 71" long. I really love the cozy feel the brushed cotton plaid lends to the borders.

The lovely picture of the finished quilt above was taken by Sue. It is her Winter Rose quilt displayed beautifully on her dining room wall. Please be sure to stop by Sue's Blog to see more of her wonderful quilts.
(As soon as I find my darn camera cord...I will be sure to upload pictures of my Winter Beauty quilt too!)

Now, every time I look at my quilt I can reflect on the hours we spent sewing & happily chatting together. Even though we live on opposite Coasts she is incredibly close to my heart!

every Quilt tells a story...


  1. Blogland is the best! I loved Sue's quilt and I know your's will be fantastic as well. Great design to commemorate a new friendship. Good job, ladies.

  2. That is absolutely lovely, and the design has a wonderful Amish quality. Thanks for sharing it !

  3. Doreen GORGEOUS quilt that you designed you ! Perfect choice of fabrics for the AMAZING Quilt ! We had fun making these quilts didn't we ;-)

  4. This is a beauty and I know yours will be too! What fun you two had working miles apart working on the same design together.

    Look in the "refrigerator" for your camera cord---I have left items in there and very surprised that I would do something like that!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.



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