Thursday, September 30, 2010

Clamshell Club September Update

I'm really excited to show my progress this month for the Clamshell Club.
It's month #2 for me. Last month I chose my fabrics and started to cut & baste some of my printed fabric clam shells. So here is my progress for this month:

The clamshell section of my quilt will measure 64" across so I cut a strip of white background fabric 68". I decided to make this starting strip 5" wide because that is the length of each clamshell. (includes the seam allowance)
To figure the spacing, I basted the first shell down and marked a quarter inch section to leave open before basting the next shell down. The base of my clamshell pattern finishes at a quarter inch in width vs the pointed bases of the beautiful clamshells some of the other Club members are making.
I was SO happy to discover how nice an easy all the shells fit together when I began my second row.!

I did manage to complete 2 rows of hand stitched shells. The first row all in colorful prints and a second row of white shells.
I'm looking forward to sharing my progress again on October 30th!

every Quilt tells a story...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sashing instructions for Dear Jane blocks

I knew I would dread the job of cutting and sewing all the sashing strips to my Jane blocks if I waited until all the blocks were finished. So I decided in the beginning that I would sash the blocks a few rows at a time once I completed them.

PLEASE NOTE:The instructions I'm providing below are my own personal method of assembly - I'm sure there are other ways to create your sashing but this is what works best for ME!
There is a 1/2" sashing strip between each of the blocks in all the rows A-M and a 1/4" sashing around the outside edges (the border between the square blocks and triangles).
Measurement terms = .25 is a quarter inch, .5 is a half inch, .75 is three quarters of an inch.
So...I cut one inch strips of fabric by the length of my background fabric (selvage to selvage)

From those one inch strips I cut fairly equal amounts of 1"x5" sections and 1" x 5.5" sections. I also cut a several pieces of fabric that measured 1" x 5.75".
Each block will have a 5" sashing strip sewn to the RIGHT side and then a 5.5" sashing strip sewn to the BOTTOM of the block. ALL of these blocks should now measure 5.5" square!

I found it easiest to pile my blocks in numeric order by row...Row A, Row B, Row C with block 1 at the top and block 13 at the bottom of the pile.
NEXT... Pull out Block 13 (it should be the bottom/last block of each pile)

Trim a quarter inch off of the RIGHT side sashing. All of your A-M blocks that are number 13 should now measure 5.25" across by 5.5" down (top to bottom) This narrow edge makes up the quarter inch border between the square blocks and triangle section.

NEXT...Block #1 of EACH row will need a narrow border sashing on the LEFT side of it's block as well. Sew a 3rd sashing strip to this block - 1" x 5.5" strip to the left side of the block. Press and trim off a quarter inch. Block #1 should now measure 5.75" across by 5.5" down.

NEXT... These instructions are for EACH block of ROW A and ONLY Row A. You will add a final strip of fabric to the TOP of each block and trim off a quarter inch.

Block #A1 will measure 5.75" square and have sashing on all 4 sides of it. Blocks A2-A12 will have 3 pieces of sashing and measure 5.5" across x 5.75" down. Block A13 will have 3 sashing pieces also (narrow on top & side and normal on the bottom) this block will measure 5.25" across x 5.75" down.

Special instructions for ROW M: You will need to trim the BOTTOM sashing piece a quarter inch on EACH block of this row to create the narrower 1/2" measure (quarter inch border when sewn to the triangle sashing. I hope you find this a helpful start to sashing your Jane Blocks!

every Quilt tells a story...

Saturday, September 25, 2010

My miniature Stitch-a-Long Blocks

After pondering over fabric choices I have finally started on my blocks for Cheryl's exciting Stitch Along. These 4" blocks are just the first in a series that once completed will become part of a wonderful Miniature Sampler Quilt.

I've never been good at "randomness" so even the scrappiest of quilts I've created have some sort of Organized Chaos to them :)
That said - I've chosen 4 Autumn colored fabrics as my "main players" in this quilt. They are from Jo Morton's Spice Collection in Rust,Gold & Black. I'll be tossing in a few random scraps of earthy reproduction fabrics here & there.

Cheryl's stitch-Along is not only FREE, but she provides all the rotary cutting instructions & wonderful photo's making it easy to follow along.
You will discover that she is a very talented and creative Teacher & Quilter.
I've included a link to her SAL on my right hand side bar - you can join in any time and work at your own pace.

every Quilt tells a story...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Getting Back to Jane

It's been a few weeks since I've worked on my Dear Jane quilt.
In honor of my return from Paris I found the PERFECT block to begin my journey again. F13 titled Tour de France

Ever since I began this quilt journey in May...I'm constantly amazed at how much my life journey and my JANE block journey have become so entwined.
I am finding this to be one of the most fullfilling journeys I've ever embarked on!

every Quilt tells a story...

Monday, September 20, 2010

PARIS in September

When we left for Paris on Sept 6th it was a warm summer day here in VA with temps in the high 80's.
We were pleasantly surprised to be greeted by early autumn foliage and a cool 68 degrees when we arrived in Paris. I took this picture of a side street next to the Notre Dame Cathedral.

The "City of Lights" was a beautiful place to visit.

We stayed within a few minute's walking distance to the Seine River & Eiffel Tower.

I'll share more pictures of our trip to Paris in future blog posts.
Now - off to catch up on some quilting projects!

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