Monday, July 19, 2010

A busy week of Jane blocks

I'm doing my best to stay on schedule with my Jane blocks.
July has been a busy month, but luckily I've managed to keep up.
The most challenging block of the week was C7 Megan's Mountain Laurel.
Those little inset triangle rows were made of such teeny pieces!

My favorite block of the week was definately F4 Old Windmill.
I love this cheerful DOUBLE PINK fabric!
Bubblegum pink is what my inner child sees this color as (grin)
And with the finish of these 6 blocks - I've also completed Row C - my 3rd row so far! (hooray)

every Quilt tells a story...

Friday, July 16, 2010

A Great Online Quilt Run Giveaway Gift

Just look at this wonderful Online summer giveaway!
For those of us quilters too far away to participate in the Quilt Run Shop Hop - Temecula Quilt Co of California has created an ONLINE Quilt Run & Summer Giveaway!
In addition to this wonderful FREE purse block pattern & kit - the first 25 people to place an order will also receive a beautiful custom designed charm.

I couldn't resist...I just HAD to purchase a couple mini bundles of 1800's reproduction fabrics to add to my Jane stash!
Sheryl's adorable mini bundles of reproduction fabrics are perfect stash builders for Janiacs and other miniature, applique', and scrappy turn of the century looking quilts. Starting at only $10 a bundle U.S. these are a great find!
Her entire shop is AMAZING and her FREE giveaway gift is wonderful!

If you happen to pop over & participate - please write in the message box that Aunt Reen sent you ;)

...every Quilt tells a story

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

6 more blocks - and another ROW complete!

There was a lot of Chocolate involved this week!
Most of it was fabric :D
I'm happy to say another row is complete!
Pass the M&M's

C13 Lakota Sioux - this was my favorite block of the week:
Autumn is my most beloved season, so finding this acorn & oak leaf fabric in pink & brown was really special. I think it fits in perfectly with my Cherry Chocolate color scheme and I have a feeling it will become one of my top 10 favorite blocks.

...every Quilt tells a story!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I Won an Amazing Gift!

Look what arrived at my doorstep! Nancy Walker is a very talented Mixed Media Artist,Teacher, photographer and the creative mind behind 'Tis DesignWorks Originals.
I am very fortunate to have won her blog giveaway for June.
This lovely mixed media art piece is titled Vintage Spring Doll.

Each month Nancy features a special and very talented "Guest Artist" on her site. This months artist will appear on July 15th.
For more information about Nancy and a chance to win her July Giveaway be sure to stop by her Blog Shoppe.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July Redwork Block

I managed to finish this little block last night.
I've gotten 2 done now and 10 more months to go :D
Although tempting to stitch, I'm only going to sew one per month. I make so many projects "ahead of season" that it will be nice to work on something as the months & seasons are unfolding.

...every Quilt tells a story

Saturday, July 3, 2010

I Finished a Row!

I managed to complete 6 more jane blocks this week.
The best part is that I FINISHED the whole first row.
It feels so good to have that accomplishment! Once the first 3 rows are complete, I will sash all the blocks and then sew the entire section together.

Block B10 is called Judd's Trophy. I have decided to call it Kelly's Block. I used her fabrics to make this block and fussy cut the middle fabric to look like an Angel's Halo. Kelly makes the most beautiful dolls. (lucky me - I own some of her Angels & Annies) This block will always remind me of Kelly, her dolls and her creative & generous spirit.

...every Quilt tells a story
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