Friday, June 11, 2010

More Jane blocks and a Dedication

It felt good to be back on schedule this week with 6 blocks on the tally wall.

I created a very special block this week from fabric I received a while back from my dear friend Beverly of Heartland Creations

Beverly's father passed away last week. Her father was an honorable man and a true Patriot. In 1944 he fought for our country at the Battle of the Bulge and was taken prisoner. He became a POW in a slave labor camp under brutal conditions for nearly a year before being rescued. He was a true American Hero that made great sacrifices for our country. I found the perfect block to sew & dedicate to the memory of her father Jay.
It's block D10 titled Battlefield

This block will always be a reminder to me of Jay and all the other heroic soldiers that have gone to battle to fight for freedom!

Till next time....


  1. Doreen you moving along with these squares! I just love all of them, but how special is D10. What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful man.

    You have such a loving heart and I`m glad to call you my friend.


  2. It's a lovely idea to use fabric in your quilt as reminders for significant events. It won't be long before you have a complete row.

  3. Your block is beautiful, Doreen.
    What a wonderful way to pay tribute to your friend's Dad.
    ((Hugs)) from Denmark

  4. very nice blocks, especially your color choice for the DJ. Very harmonious!


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