Monday, June 21, 2010

Giveaway - Random Acts of Kindness

I came upon this post on Amy's blog over the weekend. The concept of Pay it Forward has always appealed to me and after reading her post - I've totally committed to this "Giveaway".
(I'm para-phrasing the guidelines below in quotes)

"The idea is that random acts of kindness are given without expecting anything in return. Just passing on the kindness, hoping that your recipients will do the same and forming a never-ending chain of kindness.

That's what this is about. But it isn't only kindness it is also a means to connect with our fellow crafters. To network if you will and to spread our work (instead of having it sit in our house where only friends and family get to see it).

And this is how it works:

You'll have to comment on this post and the first 3 people who comment will receive a handmade gift from me within the next few months. But those 3 commenters will also have to post the idea on their blog and commit to making a gift for the first 3 people who comment on their post and so on and so forth."

If you don't have a blog - simpy send along something to 3 people you know that would benefit from a random act of kindness and ask them to return the favor to 3 other people etc.

This is going to be a fun and rewarding experience!
So please pass on the word and spread some kindness!


  1. Well, I have been thinking about starting a blog for a while now, but I haven't had the necessary impetus. This concept of the random act of kindness would be a great way to start. I love the idea. And I love handmade things. You are obviously a really thoughtful person. Thanks for the inspiration!
    oldsockfarm AT gmail D0T com

  2. Ok, I'll be in on this, I need to have something else on the go besides my DJ, and it will be nice to make something for other people for a change.

  3. Doreen I so love this idea and too would love to participate!! Count me in.

  4. Doreen this is quite a nice idea and I love the random act of kindness concept. People should do it more often it's usually free and so rewarding. Very nice post.


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