Thursday, June 24, 2010

A13 Starlight-Starbright

Perhaps one of my favorite blocks so far!

I haven't been as productive with my DJ blocks this week.
I am still waiting for 10 yds of back-ordered Vanilla background fabric. Most Dear Jane quilters recommend using just one fabric for all the block backgrounds & sashing.
(for a traditional Jane look)

I've always liked the sparkle & depth of a few stray blocks in a quilt so I'm going a bit non-traditional by randomly adding blocks with varied cream print backgrounds here & there.
This is one of those random blocks.


  1. I like it, especially the corner kites where you have fussy cut so the stripe bisects them.

  2. I see why this is a favorite for you...what a gorgeous block in fussy cut fabulous fabric!
    Happy Quilting,

  3. Oh this is a lovely block. Pretty fabric. I am so impressed with all of the blocks. You have worked really hard on this.

    Hugs, Nancy

  4. Doreen,
    The block is gorgeous. I don't know anything about quilting but I do know color and these are perfect! What amazing work!


  5. Hey Doreen! Thanks for visiting me yesterday! If you would like the links to the tutorials, just let me know. Got any new blocks this week? :)

  6. This was a fun block to make for me, as well!
    I recognize your's somewhere in my Baby Jane, as well!
    All the best!


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