Thursday, May 13, 2010

Week 2 of DJ quilt - 6 more blocks!

Week #2 and thankfully I've reached my goal again of 6 blocks.
This time I decided to work only on applique'.

I managed to complete blocks: C9,B1,B13,C11,A7,A3.
As soon as I had one finished, I couldn't wait to start another!
My fellow Janiacs were right - these blocks are addictive!

Till next time.... A Stitch in Time - saves Embarassment! LOL


  1. You are on a ROLL, girl! I'm really glad that you are having so much fun working on your quilt Doreen. There's a box that went out in the mail today to you via USPS Priority. I'm thinking it should arrive on Saturday. And I'm only too happy to contribute fabric from my stash for this incredible project you have undertaken. It is going to be wonderful to come back here and share the journey with you!

    Hugs Sista,


  2. Doreen I`m so happy for you embarking on A Kindred Sisters journey quilt! I just love the colors you have chosen. Look forward to peeking in on your progress ;-)


  3. Oh Doreen...Your quilt blocks are coming along beautifully. Love the colors! So very pretty.

    Have a great weekend!
    Hugs, Nancy

  4. Wow Doreen, you are working fast, 6 blocks a week, great. Your blocks are beautiful, very nice colors.

    Take care

  5. Beautiful work! You really are working quickly, especially considering this is just week 2. I'm on the lookout----you may just pass me by!


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