Thursday, May 6, 2010

Week 1 of DJ and I reached my Goal!

And so it begins.....the very first week of my "Jane" journey!
6 blocks a week. That is my current goal in order to complete this quilt in 11 months. Happy to say I've met my goal for Week 1.

I am very blessed to be part of a unique and close-knit group of friends. Each woman is so diverse in her gifted talents. It's been an honor forging friendships with them over the years. It is for these women - I have decided to name my quilt.... A Kindred Sister's Journey.

I am so honored that they are encouraging me along the way and providing fabric scraps for special blocks in my quilt. When I lay my hands over the blocks - I know I will smile and think fondly of each of these dear friends.

Till next time....May all your scraps be quilts!


  1. Congrats on starting your Dear Jane! You'll absolutely love the journey!!
    All the best from Denmark!

  2. Well done, some days I find I'm on a roll and can get quite a few blocks done in a day. It's nice to have a spreadsheet to see your progress.

  3. Amazing little quilt blocks Doreen! I just love the colors PERFECT! You are on your way of a wonderful journey and we will be with you every step of the way . Just love the spreadsheet to watch has this awesome quilt progresses


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