Wednesday, May 12, 2010

DJ in reverse applique'

Well it's week 2 of my journey and I chose applique' blocks for this week.
These 4.5" blocks have very small pieces! I quickly realized that the easiest method(for me) would be reverse applique'. So I cut two 6" squares of fabric, laid the background on top and the center applique' fabric behind it. Then it was simply a matter of cutting away the top fabric and needle turning under the seam allowances. It was so much easier than cutting out all those tiny pieces.

If you search the web - you will find several illustrated methods of doing reverse applique'. A good pair of small applique' scissors is a "must-have" to accurately cut away the top layer of fabric and for trimming the excess fabric from behind the finished block. For needle-turning under the seam allowances, I also LOVE to use Straw needles!

Here is a picture from the wrong side so you can see how the finished block looks:

This is block B12 titled: Starflower.


  1. I made this block with reverse applique too, I think yours looks better than my one. I need to do some more applique blocks soon, otherwise they will all be left till last and then I'll never finish :)

  2. Awesome Doreen! The block is nicely done ~ you're so clever! I featured your first six blocks on the KSGP blog site as well. I do hope you will gain many followers on this journey you have undertaken.




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