Friday, April 30, 2010

Making an Instant Vintage Quilt

When I created this patriotic little quilt - I wanted it to look like something that would have been made in 1876. A mini quilt that celebrated our nations 100th Birthday. The reproduction fabrics and elaborate hand quilting on this tiny piece definately helped - but I wanted it to look even more vintage.
So I went online and purchased a package of a product called Instant Vintage from one of my very favorite quilt shops. The instructions were easy, just add the powder provided to 4 cups hot water. I must admit - I was a bit petrified the staining would take away some of the charm of my stitching. So I only made the solution 1/2 strength. (added only half the powder to the 4 cups hot water) But look how nicely it turned out:

Here is a slideshow I created of the entire EASY process:

I hung my little quilt outside to dry and this is my finished "Instant Vintage" quilt.

If you'd like to give this method a try you can find the Instant Vintage powder online at Temecula Quilt Company
The owner is Sheryl Johnson - be sure to check out her great blog too:

Till next time...May all your Quilts be treasures!


  1. Doreen this amazing quilt really does look like it is from 1876 ! Just look at all of those teeny tiny stitches you did by hand WOW! The instant vinatge powder looks like it is VERy easy to work with. I will have to go check out the quilt shop , sounds like it right here in Temecula, california ;-)

  2. What a wonderful little slide show! I'm so impressed with your blogging flair!

    Was it terrifying to dunk your sweet little quilt into that brown puddle? The end result looks just great!

  3. Thanks Staci - yes I was very nervous, but I was very pleased with the results!


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