Friday, April 16, 2010

Contemporary Quilt vs Traditional Quilter

I confess - I tend to gravitate towards old "love worn" quilts. And it's even been said that I have a ridiculous collection of reproduction fabrics. Can someone define ridiculous?

But the fact that I'm more comfortable creating quilts that are steeped in tradition - does NOT mean that I don't love & respect other quilting genre's. I am very intrigued with Mixed Media quilts and consider most contemporary quilts fascinating works of art.

Last year, I made this art quilt I've titled VARIETAL BLEND as a gift to my husband. His love & admiration for the vineyards of Virginia and Napa Valley inspired me to create this contemporary quilt. It's my impressionistic view of wine grapes & all the seasonal colors found in the vineyard.

It's made from hand-stamped, painted and dyed fabrics. Most of them are bali batiks but a few of them I dyed myself. I even stain soaked one of the fabrics with Cabernet wine.

Contemporary Quilt - YES, but I have another confession. I made it using only one simple block pattern. What was the name of that quilt pattern you ask?? Why none other than the old traditional Drunkards Path!


  1. Doreen, I would have never guessed this is Drunkard's Path blocks. It's amazing how a traditional block pattern can be transformed by the fabric choices into a quilt so beautifully contemporary. I'll bet your hubby is so proud of your quilting skills!

  2. One of the challenges I have set for myself is to find various ways to dye fabrics to use in one of my quilts. Thank you for sharing about using "Cab" to color fabric... I have to try that!

  3. I love your contemporary quilt using drunkards path. What size templates did you use?


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