Monday, March 29, 2010

Auditioning threads for a new quilt

My desire is to Hand Quilt this. I decided it would be the most appropriate way to honor such a special little quilt top.
It was a birthday present from a very dear friend. Cleverly rolled up and tucked inside a beautiful tin pail with an adorable light green swing-handle top.
I felt like twirling around the room when I opened this amazing little treasure!

A long time quilter....I have always believed that Every Quilt Tells a Story. So like every good story worth telling; this one will start with the auditioning cast. (of threads that is) lol

Once the quilt top was laid out I couldn't wait to dive into my Fish Bowl of Hand Quilting threads. I find it so much easier to store, view & select my threads this way. The bowl also looks very decorative sitting on my sewing shelf.

This is a 32" square quilt top - made from 1800's reproduction fabrics. All of the blocks are made from different fabric combinations. Most quilters refer to this as a "Scrap" quilt. I'm guessing that a quilter from the 1800's would have chosen brown or tan thread to quilt this piece.

I've chosen to be a bit more indulgent and delved into my stash of antique (colonial) toned blue & burgundy threads as well.
Now that my thread choices have been made - this ends the first chapter of my little quilt's journey.

I would like to have this completely hand quilted by the end of Spring. As an incentive to reach my goal - I will continue to blog about this little quilt all along it's journey to completion. I am excited to share some history about fabrics from this time period and why I love them, detailed information about the quilt block pattern used in this quilt & it's origins in history as well.

Till next time.... May all your Scraps be Quilts!


  1. Doreen... Your blog looks so beautiful with all of your gorgeous quilts. Looking forward to following your journey of quilting

  2. Love the re-do of your blog, Doreen! Your hand-quilting project looks like it will be fun ~ it's a perfect, cheerful combination of repro prints! I've always really liked the churn dash block!



  3. What wonderful fabrics and colors!


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