Friday, January 22, 2010

Recipe -Vitamin E Cream - Natural repair for dry skin

Here is an all natural - quick & easy recipe for itchy winter skin. It's great for healing dry, irritated skin and works especially well on chapped, over-worked hands. I like to put this on my elbows & heels before bedtime .

If dry cracked heels are an issue for you - rub some of this cream on your heels before bedtime, slip on a pair of old socks and let the cream soften your skin while you sleep.

4 ozs good quality liquid oil (such as olive, sweet almond, sunflower or grapeseed)
1 oz natural bees wax
2 oz witch hazel
The liquid from 3 vitamin E capsules
10 drops of essential oil ..... (optional)
In a glass dish Melt beeswax. Warm your liquid oil and add to beeswax. while stirring with a whisk or stick blender - add the witch hazel, vitamin E & essential oil.
As the mixture whips & cools it will turn an opaque "white" color.
Store in small airtight containers.
Tip for mixing: You can use a single beater on an old fashion mixer to whip up this repair cream.

For use in soothing cracked, dry heals - I like to add a mix of the following essential oils: lavender, lime, peppermint & tea tree. This combination offers great cooling, soothing, antibacterial properties.

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