Tuesday, March 20, 2018

A Special Week with Petra Prins and Judith Ebbelaar

I had been waiting for months in great anticipation for the day to arrive.
Petra Prins and Judith Ebbelaar coming to Virginia for a special visit.
Their plan was to come to America on a 2 week vacation to catch up with friends and visit a few interesting places along the way. How very fortunate I was to be along the first stop on their Journey.

Petra agreed to provide 2 workshops while here in the States ... one here in Northern Virginia and another one later in the week at Mary's Quilt Shop in PA. The pictures I'm sharing today are from the workshop here in VA.

It was a very special Dutch Workshop with Petra Prins. The day was wonderful, a sold out venue of 30 students gathered in a large room to see all the gorgeous quilts and fabric designed by Petra Prins . Here we begin setting up for the day.

The technique that Petra & Judith demonstrated for us was hand piecing curved shapes. We worked on the center block of Petra's quilt pattern/design titled "Sisters". A gorgeous floral center with lots of curved shapes to practice our stitches.

Here is the gorgeous quilt:

We were all so excited to make our blocks using the gorgeous Dutch fabrics designed by Petra. And also very grateful that Petra & Judith provided books, fabric and quilt kits for us to purchase.

Each student received a beautiful tote bag as a gift for attendance with Petra's signature on it.

It was a day that we will always remember fondly.

I look forward to sharing more pictures of our time together in my next post.

every quilt tells a story....


  1. Looks like a great time. I love all those quilts. Hugs

  2. I would be seriously green with envy, but no one deserves it more! I am so happy that you got to host these super quilters. A true Dutch Treat!

  3. What fun!! and gorgeous quilts. Did you buy a kit?

  4. You were Lucky indeed, having Petra and Juud on visit ! Those workshops must have been so much FUN :D I'm glad you had the chance, and I'm sure you head is full of new projects...

    In stitches,

  5. It's good to hear from you again, you've been missed. Sounds like a lovely workshop and the quilt is beautiful! I look forward to seeing more of this quilt. How are the Dutch Treat blocks coming along?

  6. how wonderful to have a workshop by these ladies that is something I would love to see one day - glad to see you have a blog post again!

  7. Of course, I have quilt envy. I know what a marvelous and exciting time you had!

  8. The pleasure was entirely ours! It was just wonderful to finally get to spend some time with you and your lovely bee-group! You are all very fortunate. We will be seeing each other soon!

  9. Doreen I can vivitly imagine the fun you all had! Looking at the pictures I can tell time was to short but great memories have been made again.
    I hope to see some of the results of the workshop soon!

  10. Oh my goodness! What a fabulous time you had! A workshop and shopping with all those precious Dutch fabrics! The display/venue looks so appealing too.

  11. How fortunate you were to go to their workshop! Beautiful work.

  12. Wonderful workshop and how exciting for you . Once in a lifetime event for sure !

  13. Like Wendy I would be seriously green with envy :0) it looks and sounds like such a wonderful day!

  14. What a fabulous event! how lucky you and all your fellow quiltmakers to have this special opportunity.
    great memories were made I'm sure!

  15. Wow. That looks like a wonderful time

  16. The pleasure was entirely ours! It was just wonderful to finally get to spend some time with you and your lovely bee-group! You are all very fortunate. We will be seeing each other soon!

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