Monday, November 6, 2017

My quilting lately has been a bit Scattered

This Autumn has started off quite unusual. Although the leaves are pretty, the weather has been warm and inconsistent of normal temperatures. My quilting activities over the past month or so have mirrored this same inconsistency.
Like scattered leaves - it's been all over the place.

Blocks 19 & 20 of the Stonefields quilts, the block is called "the Oscillator".
I have my own affectinate names for the themes I've chosen:



My most recent Dutch Treat blocks:




I've joined a few of my friends in beginning a new EPP BOM program by Sue Daley called Round We Go. Only I have decided to machine piece my blocks rather English Paper Piece them. I already have WAY too much hand stitching in my current project pile. Here are my 1st set of blocks:

For the next 6 weeks however, it will be time to reel in my sewing activities.
I am focusing full time on the task of hand quilting all of my SVBAQ blocks.

My quilted blocks are starting to pile up but I still have a ways to go before I'm finished. I want my quilt ready in time for the submission date of entries for the Botanical Exhibit the Virginia Quilt Museum will be hosting this upcoming Spring. You can learn more about the exhibit HERE.

Are you currently focusing on a special project?
I'd love hear what you're working on!

every quilt tells a story.....


  1. As usual, I love looking at all your beautiful blocks. As for me, I am still working on completing old UFOs. Just took Gathering Baskets off the longarm today and posted about it on my blog. I do have others that need quilting, but I have a knitting project that I would like to complete, so we will see where the days take me....knitting or sewing. Thank you for sharing your lovely work.

  2. As always I am focused on too many projects! one on the hand quilting frame - 3 EPP (round we go is one of them) and one machine piecing top and several more in their boxes and untouched in awhile

  3. These blocs are absolutely beautiful and sure you will get your goal.Go you can!!

  4. wow such beautiful work,you have a lovely blog glad i found you ,hope you have a lovely day xx

  5. You have some ambitious projects going! I love the EPP. I can't even count all the projects that I'm working on. Just got home from retreat, where I advanced 3, but they all still need more work. I'll never have to worry about being bored.

  6. Fun to see your Dutch blocks once again and the Stonefield blocks. It's easy to be wind blown from project to project, but it looks like it's crunch time to get the Botanical quilted. :0)

  7. You have so many wonderful projects going. I especially like the Dutch Treat blocks, and the Botanicals. Since I don't applique, I am in awe when I see others do it so well.
    I am currently trying to complete a 12" mini quilt for a small quilt swap with a blog friend.

  8. Wonderful progress on your porjects.
    I like your choice of fabric for the Stonefield quilt

  9. You are busy with so many things! It seems you did not do a lot but I think you did! All very beautiful! I hope you will get your quilt ready for the exhibit!
    I am sure it is going to be very exiting!

  10. Squeal! Your SVBAQ blocks are spectacular! I can't wait to see this one in person! I know what you mean about having too many hand projects in the queue, but you are brave to do those round blocks on the machine. Kudos!

  11. Everything is looking quite beautiful...your svbaq blocks!

  12. Great to see your Durch Treat blocks progressing and to hear your SVBAQ blocks are advancing to the final quilting stage - next Spring? You can do it!!! And the finished quilt will be spectacular! Oh my - my list of 17 in 2017 outgrew the paper...taking a (temporary) break from a lot of handwork to make
    the kids a new flannel quilt. Working on a very old UFO too...and November is Retreat month....

  13. Your Stonefield blocks made with 30's fabrics are quite nice. And so is the non-paper pieced block. I am looking into ordering some paper pieces for a project but no rush for it.

  14. I admire all your quilting projects. I am more of a patchwork type of quilter; but I think the quilts you work on are beautiful. Good luck meeting your goal.

  15. I love catching up with all your ongoing projects. Love your botanical quilting - looks beautiful. the 30s are so so charming!
    Like you, I've been all over the place this fall. Need to buckle down and settle in.

  16. All of your blocks are wonderful. Your work is so beautiful and I love them all!

  17. Focused on my SVBAQ!! Heads down stitching away.
    You are busy!!

  18. You have the most wonderful projects 'on the go' and I love to see your blocks as you update. Thanks!

  19. Well, I just love everything! Those botanicaIs really speak to me. Here's to speedy hand quilting on your part! I'm currently hand quilting on 2 different quilts and doing hand applique on 2 different patterns as well. I seem to feel an urgency for there are soooo many other quilts I want to get to........sigh

  20. So many beautiful blocks and projects. Gorgeous hand quilting.

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  22. Let's see....last post was 11-6. Whatcha been doin? Hope all is okay and you have just been busy. Nice work in your post.

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