Thursday, April 20, 2017

New Dutch projects and upcoming Adventures


Last week was busy and all about Rabbits & Applique.
This was a beginner Applique' class and first time for these students attempting needle turn reverse applique'. It was such a pleasure to work with these passionate and determined quilters. They completed their blocks in a 3 hour class - impressive and beautiful work!

And then I moved on to Klosjes (spool blocks).
I used a template set from the Netherlands, made by Ingrid of SuperGoof Quilts.
I made 18 of these little blocks that finish at just 2 1/4".
They were made using Dutch fabrics designed by Petra Prins.
(more about these blocks in a later post)

I only made one Dutch Treat block this week - WATER LILY.

But I've got plenty more of them basted and packed into my suitcase.
I'm happy to announce that I will be leaving soon for a very exciting trip with some awesome quilting friends to Holland/Amsterdam/The Netherlands!

We look forward to experiencing the Dutch culture, seeing the tulip gardens, discovering the towns and cities and the opportunity to meet in person with some very special Dutch friends, bloggers and Quilters.

After a lifetime of dreaming and a year of planning, I feel blessed to begin this wonderful Adventure!

every quilt tells a story....


  1. Enjoy your trip, sounds like a wonderful adventure you have planned :) Your blocks and your students' bunnies all look great. I am partial to the yellow plaid bunny, great fabric choices!!

  2. I love that water lily block--the little scallop-ey water line on the bottom really makes it look like a water lily, I think...
    sounds like you have a terrific trip planned...How exciting..
    Those rabbits all came out so well--hugs, Julierose

  3. So much looking forward to meet you and the group next week. Enjoy your trip and safe travels! Watch the bicyclels!

  4. WoW! You are blessed. That will be a wonderful trip and you will come back with lots to share I am sure. I love bunnies and everyone's blocks turned out great. Can't wait to hear all about your trip.

  5. Lovely little bunnie blocks.
    I wish you a wonderful trip to Amsterdam/Holland.

  6. What a wonderful adventure for you especially meeting your online friends. Love your DT block !

  7. I hope your trip is everything, and more, that you dreamt of

  8. Well absolutely thrilled to finally get to meet you. Unfortunately I will not have an awful lot of time to be spending with you due to the quiltshow! But we will meet! So glad Yvonne will be your host! She is the best. See you on Friday!

  9. Hooray for new appliquers!!
    have a fabulous trip. How exciting.

  10. What a treat the trip will be. I wish you glorious adventures and hope you can bring some fabric home with you.

  11. How Exciting ! Have a WONDERFUL TRIP !!!! Can't wait to hear all about it .

  12. So exciting! I wish I was a fly in your suitcase! I can't wait to see all your blogs when you get back! Looks like you had loads of fun in your classes. Love the bunnies!

  13. Those rabbits are amazing! Your trip sounds like the trip of a lifetime! I want to be a stowaway! Bring home lots of photos and memories to share!

  14. The rabbits are sweet. And I wish you a lovely trip to the Netherlands.

  15. If you love chinz fabrics, maybe you'll find time to visit the museum in Leeuwarden, there is a exhibition about chinz there at the moment. And a show of quilts in Amersfoort next week.

  16. Successful students are a sign of a great teacher. Everyone's applique blocks look so nice.

    Love the waterlily too.

    Enjoy your trip...sounds exciting.

  17. All beautiful blocks.
    Looks like the bee adventure was lots of fun!
    We planted a bee friendly pollinator section in our gardens this year.



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