Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Stonefields & Special Deliveries in February

February was a month filled with surprises here in northern VA.
Usually the coldest time of winter, this year it's been warm with rain showers. Spring like weather has even fooled mother nature.
Cherry trees in my neighborhood are blooming 6 weeks early.

The mailman also brought me a couple surprise deliveries...
Wendy Reed, The Constant Quilter gifted me with a package of 200 different fabric charms in 1930's reproduction. Many of these will be used in my Stonefields quilt. Thank you Wendy, I can't wait to use these fabulous fabrics!

And I won a WIPS be Gone drawing at Angie's - A Quilting Readers Garden. Angie sent me this Beautiful book and I already found a quilt that I would love to make. Thank you Angie!

Here are my final 6" Stonefields blocks for February....

Bordered Hexagons, block 1

Bordered Hexagons, block 2 (the hexie flowers are 2" finished)

Square Peg in a Round Hole, block 1

Square Peg in a Round Hole, block 2

Star in a Star

I managed to complete 8 of the 11 block assignments.

every quilt tells a story...


  1. Your February blocks are delicious! And, yes I think you would definitely do that squirrel quilt justice!

  2. You continue to use such sweet fabric choices in your Stonefields quilt. With the addition of more charm squares you're really going to have fun. Looks like there is some wonderful temptation on your new book.:0)

  3. love your Stonefield blocks and the colors of them are great

  4. The background fabric for the square peg block.....looks like fish bowls but what is in front of them? Interesting conversational print.
    I like the applique part of the pattern with the squirrels. Very fall looking.

  5. I have been watching the temperatures in Virginia lately and was surprised by it. Hope it will be nice and warm when we will travel in a bit over three weeks! Your blocks are lovely and the new pattern you choose is really pretty!

  6. Wonderful blocks.
    Lovely little fabric-squares from your friend.
    Congratulation to the book.
    Best wishes Manuela

  7. those stonefields blocks are so so cute! what a lovely gift from Wendy C. She is the nicest person!

  8. Wow, those are small hexies! I love your star in a star block...the brown just really makes that block float.

  9. The new squares are lovely! And lucky you to receive a nice packet of fabrics just the right size for using in Stonefields. Your quilt is really exciting!

  10. Wonderful conversationals in these, thanks for the eye candy!! Lovely work, as usual. (Isn't Wendy the best!?)

  11. Wow,stunning blocks and congratulations to the book and for the packet from your friend.

  12. Those '30's prints are making such a happy quilt

  13. Precious and Adorable blocks ! How sweet of your friend to give you all of that fabric.. you are going to have fun with those :-D

    Love the books especially the one with the squirrel quilt on it.

  14. More lovely Stonefields blocks! Love the fussy cut basket in your hexie block. 2" hexies! Oh my! So sweet of Wendy to send such pretty fabric for your quilt.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Ohhhh love your blocks !!!!!

  17. I love seeing your Stonefields progress and how sweet of Wendy!

  18. What great mail! I love the gentle fabrics you are using in your Stonefields. We had rain for a week but are plunged back into below zero temperatures, hopefully not for long.

    1. What a lucky girl you are. Great wins. I love your Stonefield blocks. I wanted to start this quilt too...but I have too many projects going as is. I will enjoy seeing how your quilt is growning.

  19. Oh, I love, love, love those blocks! You must be having such fun!

  20. Just love the fabrics you are using in your Stonefields quilt and the squirrel quilt is going to be gorgeous.


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