Monday, December 12, 2016

Festive December stitching



I'm trying to find Dutch Treat blocks to stitch with a holiday theme to them this month. And like most of you, I'm also trying to get some shopping, gifts and decorating done.

I love making little Acorn dolls... here are a few tiny acorn baby ornaments I created. The babies are an inch - the ornaments finish at 3.5".

and two little 2" bendable dolls I whipped up for gift giving.

NO pattern, I just improvised. I'm calling them "Holly Pockets" because of the leaves I've tucked them into for storage.

A few other quilting projects are being worked on as well.
I'll share more on these later in the week.
I hope you are close to finishing up your own holiday projects and/or gift items!


  1. Those are so sweet!! Love the little bendy ones,the painted faces, soft hair and stitch details are precious! Such a great idea to give them a little storage "bed" of a leaf - wow! :)

  2. Your Dutch Treat blocks are gorgeous, as always AND those Christmas cuties are absolutely lovely. They'd make adorable Christmas brooches, as a gift :))

    In stitches,

  3. Wonderful blocks as always.
    Very cute your little christmas decoration.

  4. Those acorn dolls are adorable--so tiny and precious tucked away in those holly leaves

  5. Adorable. Love your little people. They are so cute.

  6. Love your Acorn dolls ! Those babies are SO CUTE! You are SO clever !

    Your Dutch treat blocks are Perfection :-D

    I have one more gift to make this week and I am done. A friend asked me to make her mother a walker tote bag.

  7. Your little acorn cuties and Holly Pockets will be treasured. They are so cute. Each showing a different personality. Your newest blocks are perfect as well.

  8. I like your dolls. Very cute!!! and your Dutch treat quilt is almost half done now.

  9. Those acorn dolls are amazing! Your talents are endless.

    I think the Cookie and Deer are perfect blocks for this month.

  10. Wow,those blocks are an eye catching and the dolls are so cute!!

  11. oh my goodness these acorn people are just amazing!!!

    Pretty blocks this month. You might do a tutorial on the people sometime? :)

  12. The sweetest littles ever! How clever to give them a holly pouch. And more lovely Dutch Treats.

  13. Your Dutch Treat is really filling in - how exciting! Really beautiful.
    LoVe the acorn dolls, so adorable and the holly pockets are the perfect finishing touch.


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