Friday, September 16, 2016

Dutch Treats and Spooky Quilts ... Oh My



Here is our volunteer Team hard at work this week setting up a new and exciting Quilt Exhibit "Midnight in the Garden of the Quilt"
This special event is curated and presented by Polly Fogle Mello.
(can you see the snakes slithering down the sides of this baltimore style quilt?)

Take a walk down the dark side of quilting with Polly Mello's Collection:
"Quilts That Go Bump in the Night"!
Here's a sneak peek of another one of the quilts on display.
How strange to see Buzzards as the birds of choice for this block.

The VA Quilt Museum is currently closed for Exhibit changes but will open again on Tuesday, September 20th. For more information about this quilt collection, Exhibit and Seminar click HERE and also HERE.

Do you own a Mourning Cloth/Quilt or really spooky Quilt?
I'd love to hear about it!

every quilt tells a story...


  1. no spookiness here but you are right about those buzzards as a bird of choice!

    Your Dutch Treat blocks are lovely as usual! :)

  2. Wow, another fabulous Dutch Treat blocks and looks you have great day.

  3. The batiks you've been using for the Dutch Treat creates a nice soft mottled look. No spooky quilts here, but the snakes and buzzards are an interesting touch.

  4. Love these Dutch Treats! And buzzards? Well, I have to say at least you know they are buzzards. I have appliqued a few birds that were unrecognizable as a "known" species. Wink.

  5. I love the Dauphin ♥

  6. Love the blocks but of these two, I'm intrigued with Inlay.

    I have a Halloween Baltimore quilt kit...I've had it for some number of years. ONE block, yep, ONE block is all I have completed.

    I'm in such a creative funk and it is so sad. I do enjoy visiting my favorite blogs and living vicariously through you all :)

  7. I so enjoy seeing your Sweet Little Dutch Treats ! Those buzzards are pretty cool ;-)

  8. Loving your latest Dutch Treat blocks - got kind of shivery seeing those slithery critters on the borders though - It would be next to impossible for me to applique something like that - I have such a phobia.

  9. I don't know that my quilt is so very spooky but I made one that is called "Ghosts In the Attic". Attic window blocks with a Drunkard's Path ghost block in the middle of it.

  10. I made an Edgar Alan Poe quilt inspired by The Raven years ago...still one of my faves but I thought it was funny when my teen son took it to use on his bed, lol!! That exhibit sounds like a fun one and as usual your blocks are beauties!!


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