Friday, September 23, 2016

Apple Season


We took our grandson apple picking last weekend.
Young children have a way of turning any outing into a joyous adventure.
He thought he might need some help so he brought along the perfect friend for the job. Fireman Kevin is a very good tree climber.

And his Papa gathered up an Apple Picker to assist him as well.

Here is Alex taking inventory of what was gathered (so far)

We finished the day in celebration by making a homemade Apple Pie.

Although Summer weather has decided to overstay her welcome here, I am already embracing the Fall season. Wishing you a wonderful start to Autumn!

every quilt tells a story....


  1. we filled up a big bag like that with apples one year in WI with our daughter and grands - they loved it.

  2. Alex was very wise to bring along Fireman Kevin...and his Papa :) He is so cute.

    The apple pie looks delish. I'm planning to make one in a couple of weeks when we go camping. I hope mine looks as pretty as yours.

    Love the butterfly too!

  3. Yummy to that apple pie. Great little helper.

  4. Such sweet pics, sounds like a wonderful day! Love Fireman Kevin doing his thing!! Looks like Alex had plenty of harvest to!

  5. So much to love with the arrival of Fall - a new apple crop is high on the list. We have great apples here in Wisconsin, but oh do I miss some of the Virginia and West Virginia varities! Fireman Kevin looks quite at home at that height as he helps his buddy Alex pick some beauties. Good times for everyone.

  6. Lovely butterfly appliqué! And what a perfect helper!! And what better way to usher in the fall season! A fresh baked apple pie! Scrumptious! Every bit of your post!!

  7. That brings back memories! A trip to the apple orchard with the kids! And that pie! Yummy! XO

  8. Wonderful butterfly block.
    The apple pie looks yummy.
    Have a nice weekend, Manuela

  9. What a perfect autumn activity.
    great butterfly block!

  10. What an sweet autumn adventure. I'm glad fireman Kevin and Alex were there to help. Days like that are special.

  11. Yum! Alex is a cutie. Aren't grandkids the best.

  12. Apple season is one of my favorite seasons--looking forward to our annual trip to the orchard


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