Monday, August 22, 2016

Double Dutch and something New



It feels like I'm finally making progress again on these little blocks.
The pair above will make a total of 6 Dutch Treats completed so far for August.

I discovered a fabric collection at The Quilter's Studio in Fairfax, VA on Saturday that just drew me in to take a closer look. The line is called Foxtail Forest.
I haven't used my sewing machine very much the past 3 months.
That's about to change, at least for a couple days this week.

I love the colors and the childhood prints remind me of sweet, simple joys.
Looking forward to making this into a small couch quilt, perfect for a little Cutie to cuddle under this Fall.


  1. I really can't wait to see your quilt complete. I have enjoyed all your blocks and putting them all together is going to be a real treat to see.

  2. Making progress is such a good feeling. Beautiful line of fabric

  3. All of your Double Dutch blocks are just so beautiful. I like that fabric. I look forward to seeing how you use it.

  4. Always love your blocks and now you are showing me more gorgeous fabrics. Wow! I will not go look at that fabric.....I will not go look......I will.............

  5. Wonderful new block.
    Beautiuful new fabrics.
    Greetings, Manuela

  6. A beautiful new block and I can see why these fabrics called out to you! :) It will be fun to see what you create for the little one.

  7. The fabric with the rabbit looks sweet (at least what I can see of it). I haven't put my machine to use in a good while now. It is covered with pieces and parts.

  8. Oh I love that first one. Very art deco!

  9. I remember these blocks from when I was going to make that quilt - I think I ended up with about 40 of them and made a table topper - yours are so very pretty!

  10. It has been hard to carve out sewing time this summer!! Those blocks are beautiful and that fabric looks like a great collection for a kids quilt!

  11. Your Dutch Treat quilt is 2 more blocks closer to being finished. Cute new fabrics to play with. I had to do some machine sewing too, a change in my stitching diet.

  12. I actually met someone on the bus from the Hotel to the UK Festival of Quilts who told me how wonderful is The Quilter's Studio! What a coincidence.

    I love your Dutch Treat quilt blocks.

  13. That Foxtail Forest fabric is gorgeous !! I LOVE IT ! What pattern do you plan on using ?

    I so enjoy seeing your progress on your Dutch treat ! Each block to a true piece of art !


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