Friday, February 26, 2016

The Big Leap - Finishing Instructions

Assembling your Quilt top

The set of instructions listed in green are for the smaller  56” x 56” version of the Big Leap.   Please note:  Instructions for the larger quilt  are similar but require more blocks and a border.

Identifying the blocks that you will be assembling into rows  ---->

You will lay your blocks out by Rows.   For the small quilt you will lay out 4 blocks in each row.  The large quilt will require 5 blocks in each row.

Small quilt –  block order for row is: A,B,A,B   make (2) rows                                                                                                                              

Large quilt – block order for row is: A,B,A,B,A  make (3) rows

Small quilt – block order for row is: B,A,B,A    make (2) rows                                                                                                                              

Large quilt – block order for row is: B,A,B,A,B  make (3) rows 

Example of row sets A & B  for the larger version quilt showing 5 blocks in each row.

To make the SMALL quilt, lay your sewn rows out like this:

 Once you’ve sewn your 4 rows together in this order you finished top will look like this:

Optional - Sew 6  print strips together (left over from your jelly roll) to create your binding.

To make the LARGER quilt (82” x 82”) lay your sewn rows out like this: 

Once you’ve sewn your 5 rows together in this order you top will look like this:

Take your (8) border strips (6 ½” x wof strips) and sew them together into pairs.  You will now have 4 border sections.

To create the side borders you will cut  2 border sections that each measure       6 ½” x 70 ½”.  Sew a section to the left and right sides of your quilt top.

Cut the other 2 border sections to measure    6 ½” x 82½”.  Sew these to the top and bottom of your quilt top.

Your finished quilt top should measure approximately 82” x 82”

Optional - Sew 8  print strips together (left over from your jelly roll) to create your binding.

The first picture of this post and the one to the right are of my finished Big Leap.  I am calling this one Winter Blues.  It was quilted by Patti Snyder of Quilts as Desired and will be gifted to my 5 year old Grandson once I stitch the binding onto it.

If you are participating in the sew along please share a picture and link up with us here:

No need to create a new blog post if you've already posted your block progress. Simply add the url address of that post where indicated when you click the link above.

every quilt tells a story...


  1. Great instructions wish I had these when I made my Irish chain

  2. Love the finish! This will definitely be on my "to do" list. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Fabulous.I added this to my to do list and hope to do it.
    Wishing you an amazing weekend.

  4. I haven't been leaping forward too quickly, but your finish is lovely. The quilting adds to the fresh take on this favorite pattern. Thanks for sharing all of the instructions. I'll be working on mine next week.

  5. It has been interesting seeing how the quilt goes together. Your choice of the blues and white do make a very wintery looking design. Space for some bluework snowmen if a person was so inclined.

  6. Working on this! Should have a link to post tomorrow.

  7. Really been watching the progress on this sew along. I really like how you sew these blocks together in the finish.

    What a wonderful quilt for your grandson :-D

  8. I love your finished quilt and I will be making one using your instructions. Unfortunately I wasn't able to participate with the sew along. :(

  9. Hope to get these together this afternoon! Thanks for all the great instruction :)

  10. My quilt took a big leap to your larger size - catching up on those extra blocks needed!


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