Sunday, January 31, 2016

More Treat blocks and Special Deliveries



These are the last 2 blocks I completed for January.
The goal - complete 8 blocks per month in 2016.
I'm pleased that I finished 10... off to a good start!

I've been pretty miserable dealing with the flu this week.
Thankfully a couple of special treats arrived in the mail to cheer me up!
On Friday this beautiful fat eighth bundle called LARKSPUR (3 Sisters for Moda) arrived from Green Fairy Quilts.

And a VERY special delivery arrived from Japan!

The pattern arrived in less than a week. The cover picture is Large (10" x 14")
The block patterns are full size, include quilting designs and are written in English. I learned about this pattern from Ingrid of Supergoof Quilts ... one of my favorite Bloggers.

What a fabulous ending to my week and the month of January!

The next block of the Shenandoah Valley Botanical Album sew along will be revealed tomorrow. (February 1st) You will find the details HERE.

every quilt tells a story....


  1. So sorry to hear that you've been under the weather but I'm certain that your quilting medication that arrived in the mail will help get you back on your feet again soon. That fabric looks wonderful!

  2. Hope you are very better--those two pkgs would have cheered me up

  3. Space Invaders. Now that is a different name for a block. As soon as I saw your block, I thought it was a unique design.

  4. January has been a productive month for you despite having to suffer with the flu. On to February.

  5. I hope your are feeling better.
    Your blocks are wonderful. Your new fabrics are so beautiful and a nice new pattern.
    Greetings, Manuela

  6. Hope you are better,So beautiful blocks and enjoy your beauties!

  7. Great blocks as usual. Is space invaders the real name?? I've been dreaming about the Larkspur myself, but am way overloaded with way too many fabrics. Glad you are feeling better. Did you get the flu shot?

  8. Love the 'birds on a wire' background fabric. Very nice. the Victoria albert Museum quilt is gorgeous--look forward to seeing it come along!

  9. sorry to hear about the flu :(
    Hope you are feeling better. That fabric probably helped!
    great job on surpassing your goals!

  10. Hope you are feeling tons better - you have so many pretties to play with - the flu just can't interfere! Love Moda's 3 Sisters fabric - always a gorgeous color range and design!! That is one impressive pattern from the V & A

  11. Love those block names, and the space invader one looks so unique! That applique pattern looks phenomenal!! Sorry you have been ill, I have had a cold on slow burn since before Christmas, I am blaming the mild weather...but I am happy we haven't had a lot of snow!!

  12. Hope you are feeling better now / what a lovely pattern and your finished blocks are so pretty :)

  13. There's nothing more fun than getting awesome mail--I see a beautiful quilt in your future! Hope you are all better soon.

  14. Those 2 packages are the best medicine you could have had :-D

    Feel better soon !


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