Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Little Treats for August

No matter where the month may lead, I'm determined to keep up with 2 blocks per month for my Dutch Treat quilt. Happy to say I finished these 2 in August.

Some exciting beginnings occurred in August; my grandson started Pre-K/nursery school. Just the mention of school had him on edge the day before.

Daddy took his hand as he walked up the path.
And of course Mama was sitting just outside the door when school was over.
A day of tears and ultimately smiles

My..Oh..My, Where does time Fly???
I hope your August was AWESOME!


  1. I was going to ask if you still had a lot of Dutch Treat blocks to stitch but now I see your diagram on the side of the blog. Such a good idea.

    1. Crossing my fingers the boxes are all filled this time next year! (grin)

  2. Two wonderful new blocks.
    Greetings, Manuela

  3. I hadn't seen any one doing the dutch treat quilt in years now. I started one about 8 years ago I guess and ended up just making a table topper out of it, I had grown tired of it. Nice to see you doing one.

  4. Really cute little boy. They grow up so fast. My daughter usually sends first day of school photos. That's so much fun. One year Isla was hanging on the front door and my daughter was pulling her by the funny.

  5. Oh! They grow up so fast! I hope he ended up liking school after he got there. Congratulations on keeping up with your Dutch Treat blocks. Very nice!

  6. Seriously! I think I remember when you first became a grandma. How can this be? I sure hope he enjoyed his first day of school. Now as for the blocks....good for you for keeping on track.

  7. Congratulations on making 2 more beautiful blocks for Dutch Treat ! They are wonderful ! It just seems like yesterday your grandson was born. Now he is a big boy going to school. How exciting :-D

  8. I love your blocks (you know how I feel about batiks!). Two blocks per month is a sew along I MIGHT be able to keep up with.

    Your grandson is so precious. First day of school is exciting. I think it is good he can start attending in Pre-K, it may help with the apprehension when he starts big boy school. At least that is how it worked for my two.

  9. Fun blocks in pretty colors. Your family is beautiful! I hope he grows to love school. Happy September!

  10. Time flies much too quickly! Great progress on your Dutch Treat. Looking forward to some September finishes :0)

  11. Two beautiful blocks, that quilt is going to be so sweet!!
    Our grand children grow so fast don't they? Our oldest is 20 years old, the second one just started first grade and the baby is now 2!! Time flys by quickly!! Have a lovely weekend!!!

  12. Big day for your grandson and the parents. I think I will cry the day my grandson goes to school/preschool.

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