Monday, August 3, 2015

July travels & a Journey's End

The month of July was a crazy busy time for me!
The only constant and predictable quilting experience was Dutch Treat.
Happy to say I completed my goal of 2 more blocks.

I traveled to Morgantown, West Virginia with friends during the 3rd week of July.
We attended the Ricky Timms and Alex Anderson Seminar and it was Fabulous!
My friend Patti and I were counting down the days for several months with great anticipation. How awesome that 2 of our dear friends decided to join us just a few days before our departure. It was a wonderful surprise and an exciting adventure for all of us!

Seeing Ricky's Rhapsody quilt up close, was a highlight of my trip.

No rest for the weary. No sooner was I home and unpacking than it was time to pack up my suitcase once again. Yep, the last week of the month I was on the road again, this time heading to Winston-Salem, North Carolina. My friend Lisa was attending a Tuffet certification course for a new business she is starting. I was able to attend a "student" class while there with her. I completed my very first Tuffet. It was so much fun to make, I look forward to making another one in the near future.

The first picture is of my tuffet, the 2nd also showcases Lisa & Ellen's tuffets.
Notice Lisa's Gnome Journey, he travels with her wherever she goes!

And earlier in July the Jane exhibit that I was fortunate to curate at the VA Quilt Museum came to a close. The exhibit displayed 32 Jane quilts and artifacts. All 26 full size quilts were completed by my students in less than 3 years. Most of them completed their quilts in an average of 18 months. Here are just a few pictures taken of the exhibit:

I am so blessed for this wonderful experience and have Brenda Papadakis to thank for getting me started on this amazing Journey with Jane. Her book "Dear Jane" has brought so many special quilters into my life over the past 14 years. I'm sure it will forever remain my most memorable of all class programs I've had the pleasure of teaching.

And as one Journey ends, another begins....


  1. Your two Dutch Treat blocks are beautiful. Wonderful your application.
    Thanks for sharing the beautiful Dear Jane Quilts.
    Greetings, Manuela

  2. Oh, my, so much quilty goodness, and of such fun variety!

  3. Your month was indeed jam packed! You are an amazing women with incredible talent!

  4. I know your Dutch Treat is going slowly, but it is going to be lovely. As for the tuffets, I just saw one of these at a local quilt shop and have seriously been thinking of doing one. Your post makes me want to do it even more now. Now when it comes to Ricky and Alex....I did their seminar a couple of years ago and it certainly is one that you don't want to miss. Oh ...and the Janes....what inspiration!!! Thank you for sharing.

  5. So lucky to have such a kind and talented friend! You are greatly appreciated.

  6. Love your Tuff and your Dutch Treats are just wonderful !
    All of the DJ's are just AMAZING !!!!!

  7. Fantastic!! I was so touched when viewing your Dear Jane exhibit at the Virginia Quilt Museum. Thrilled with its success! Your travels all look so very fun, all the better with quilting pals.
    Love the Tuffet - another great project.

  8. I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed the Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson seminar. I am going to the one in Fort Lauderdale next looking forward to it.

    The Jane quilts are amazing! I am in awe at the level of quilting skill. Thank you for sharing the pictures...I waiting for the exhibit to close so we could get a peek :)

  9. July sounds like it was a great month.
    The Jane exhibit was wonderful.. I am sure everyone enjoyed seeing it..

  10. It was so wonderful to see the Jane exhibit quilts. What a fabulous teacher yo must be to have so many students finish quilts. What a lovely journey. It must be so rewarding!
    The tuffets are so wonderful. I have the pattern and need to apply myself to it!

  11. Traveling with quilting friends is about as good as it gets - so much fun together! Enjoyed seeing your Dear Jane photos - each one is so lovely and a labor of love. The one with the secondary color design layout creating A Trip Around the World effect is particulary appealing. The Tuffets are so cool! And your Dutch blocks are soft and mellow - going to be a very pretty quilt!

  12. Looks like a great month. Did you go to a shop in Winston-Salem to learn how to make the tuffet? I live there. Those Dear Jane quilts are phenomenal!

  13. The Dear Jane quilts are beautiful. How many quilters joined you on your journey?

  14. It is always fun to see your latest and newest blocks. My how you have been so very busy! The Dear Jane Quilts are amazing....


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