Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Coin Quilt Challenge

A challenge was presented to the staff and teachers over at Kelly Ann's quilt shop. Each member created their own interpretation of a coin quilt.
(details available in my previous post)

I am always fascinated to see how creative minds interpret a common concept. Here are some of the larger quilts that were made for the challenge:

Here are pictures of the smaller creations which include pillows as well as small and miniature quilts:

This is my finished mini quilt - but it's a secret - if you don't follow my blog...(grin)

Unfortunately, I can't announce the names of these quilters. (just yet) The quilts are displayed for customers to guess who made them. But I can certainly tell you which quilt was my favorite. It was a miniature quilt - and no... it isn't mine. ;) It's this amazing and darling 12" quilt:

I love the little hammock and the adorable buttons the quilter used to embellish her quilt.

This challenge will soon go out to shop customers. It will be a fun Summer challenge involving an exciting display, contest and ribbons. Have you ever made a coin quilt?

every quilt tells a story....


  1. What clever quilts ! Each one so unique . I love your little quilt :-D

  2. Who knew such a simple pattern could be so fascinating!
    D.G. L

  3. I, too, love to see what different creative minds come up with with given a challenge! And I agree with you...the tropical scene mini is the sweetest.

  4. They are so different - but a lot of work in each of them! Yours is gorgeous - lovely hand quilting too :)

  5. So many great quilts, large and small!! It is so interesting what different quilters come up with from one idea! I do like the little beach quilt, but my favorite is yours!

  6. Thanks for sharing all the great coin quilts. No, I have not made one but seeing this post you certainly have me thinking! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Wonderful quilts.
    Thank you for sharing.

    Greetings, Manuela

  8. Quilters really are so creative - thanks for sharing! I have not made a coin quilt...yet.

  9. What fun quilts!!! I really love the American Flag one, genius!!

  10. Love them all. Thanks for sharing. Tell me what is a coin quilt?

  11. Great quilts and a very fun challenge! There are always so many wonderful interpretations - quilters are the best! I've never made a coin quilt, but certainly used them in borders!

  12. very fun and unusual challenge -

  13. that was a fun little show and tell you gave us. I love making coin quilts and YES I have made a few, funny I am actually making another one now!
    thanks for sharing

  14. what a fun challenge and all the quilts are so creative.


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