Friday, October 11, 2013

Finish to our October Sew along

As promised, this is a very quick project to make - so today I'm providing you with the final cutting and assembly instructions for your Windswept Table Mat.

Last week we went thru the process of creating pairs of identical 8-1/2" fabric strips, placed them right sides together and set them aside.

To complete this mat you will place your pair of fabric strips on your cutting mat.

You will place your 60 degree triangle ruler as close to one edge of the fabric pair as possible. The 8-1/2" line on your ruler should line up with the bottom edge of your fabric strip. Begin cutting your triangle pairs, flipping your ruler with each cut so that the left (or right) side of the ruler is always facing the edge you just cut out. You should have 5 pair of triangle sections cut from this pair of fabric strips.

Here is an example of how little waste you should have when you begin cutting:

Cutting is now complete for your table mat - so let's begin with the assembly process...

Keep out the 3 sets of triangle pairs that match nearly identical along the wide bottom borders and set the other 2 pair aside.

Sew 2 pairs of triangles. (right sides together) Be careful to line the striped section of the triangles together. It's a good idea to pin these.

Press open.

Add another triangle to the left side of each pair.

Now you have 2 half-sections that are made up of 3 triangles.

#3 - Right sides together, pin the center section to make sure the 2 pieces match up properly. Sew the 2 halves together, press open and your Table Mat is completed.

You should have plenty of fabric left over to make a couple more of these table mats.
I hope you enjoyed this free pattern tutorial. If you make this table mat and wish to share, please add your blog link below so we can stop by and see your Windswept Table Mat.

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  1. So nice! And fast to sew! Thank you for this pattern.

  2. Looks so wonderful. Beautiful fabric for autumn.

  3. Turns out beautifully. I must pay the quilt shop a visit to see if I can find useful fabric for this. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh, I do love this little mat--will search my stash to see if I have any border prints...thank you for that tutorial; very generous of you...hugs, Julierose

  5. Thanks for the pattern. I have this same fabric and had planned to use it for the table runner. But, I am having a difficult time finding border prints for this project. Still have 4 shops to visit on the Tour de Quilt so keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks again for instructions.

  6. Love how it all works out. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing this with all of us.

  7. That turned out so pretty. The fabric is just perfect for this and for Fall. Love it.

  8. This is just beautiful! You have been so busy with all your projects! I hope to get started on my Baltimore Album for Fall :)

  9. Wow, this is a great finish! I love the fabrics you used...perfect for Autumn!

  10. WoW, I struggled with mine. I had to order a larger wedge.. I will link up when it's finished:)

  11. This is so pretty!!! I really wish I didn't have so many projects on the go right now so I could shop for great fall holiday fabric to make one!

  12. Perfect for fall! It turned out so pretty! Good luck in getting those fall projects done.

  13. This is just so pretty!! I have just the fabric to try it out on, and it's in line at the machine! Thanks for showing how it's done.

  14. Such a great idea! If I come across a good fabric in the stash I will try it out!


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