Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May's Mystery Quilt Finish

Happy to share my finished quilt top! I had to lay it in my foyer and stand at the top of the stairs to get the whole top in the picture. I would like to thank everyone that participated in my little Mystery sew-along as well as those that cheered us on!

I called this quilt Easy Summer Breeze because the pattern I created reminded me of Box Kites darting in the sky on a Summer Breeze.

If you didn't participate in the sew-along but wish to make the quilt later on - please share pictures on your blog. I'd love to see them. I only ask that you do not copy my pattern instructions to distribute them without my consent.

I am hosting another FREE sew-along in June however it won't exactly be a Mystery quilt.
The Pre-cut of choice we will use this time is a Jelly Roll. (40 strips of assorted prints 2.5" wide x WOF) The quilt is perfect for a first time quilter. (it's much easier to make than May's Mystery project)

Here is the Jelly roll I'll be using called Cornucopia by Artisan Batiks.

Stay tuned.... I'll have ALL the details for you on Friday!
Meanwhile - if you have finished your Mystery Quilt (or made further progress on it) and would like to share, please add your blog link below:


  1. What a beautiful Summer Breeze quilt ! Thank you for such a wonderful sew along! How fun to make this quilt. I am a little behind but hope to finish mine soon.

    Just love that Cornucopia batiks ! What yummy fabrics

    I will have to go thru my jelly rolls and pick one so that I am ready for your June Sew along

  2. Doreen, it turned out soooooo cute!!! Now I wish I had joined in - but just not enough time!!


  3. Love your Summer Breeze quilt... and yes! I see the darting box kites! And now you are tempting us again with the June sew along using a Jelly Roll... (BIG sigh...)

  4. Thank you for being a wonderful hostess! I love our Summer Breeze Quilts and can't wait for the next sew along! Cheers!

  5. Oh my Doreen...your quilt is just gorgeous!! I love the will a pretty quilt when completed. Are you going to add borders??
    I can hardly wait to see the new mystery on Friday. I love your choice of batiks...beautiful fall-like colors. I have the "Dancing in the Rain" batiks.

    See you Friday!
    Hugs, Nancy W.

  6. Thanks for the fun! What a beautiful quilt!
    Now I just need to decide if I want to add a border or two to make it fit my queen sized bed...or no border to give away as a gift. A very tough decision :)

  7. Great quilt! Cannot wait to see what June's is.

  8. Your mystery looks fantastic.
    Greetings Grit

  9. it was fun to watch this come together. I have several jelly rolls. I might just have to participate in your next sew along

  10. What a beautiful top, so much summer in it. It has been fun just watching, maybe I'll join you in June mystery :-)

  11. I like your Summer Breeze quilt. I have jelly rolls and I need some quick gifts. I hope to play a long in June,

  12. Your quilt is luscious.Can´t wait to see the next one.Happy sewing!!

  13. Este quilt está precioso. felicidades.

  14. Fun quilt! It's cheery! I'm looking forward to seeing Willow Weave!


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