Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Back from the Academy

I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Pearl Pereira, whose applique' work I greatly admire! Pearl is shown above standing in front of her quilt titled Baltimore Autumn. She is so gracious and an amazingly talented artist. I look forward to spending a few days learning from her at next year's Academy session.

Quilters are such a friendly bunch! I met such lovely women while taking Elly's class. Here are a few women from northern VA. Jeanne took the time to recommend some wonderful events and quilt shops up in the area I just moved to.

Diane - the lovely lady that sat across from Ginger & I came from MN to attend the academy. (Elly's in the background)

And here is Manerva Hamilton who traveled all the way from New Zealand to attend the Academy.(her 3rd visit to TESAA)

And here I am the day before class absolutely GUSHING over Elly!
It's been a while since I smiled so broadly.

Ginger & I worked dilegently away on our projects trying to make good time. She is a bit more experienced and braver than I. See how she marked her embroidery tendrils, leaf & grape positions in permanent marker? Just like the other pro's do it. (grin)

And nervous me... I used a soft gray marking pencil. YIKES, I'll need my magnifying eyeglasses when I get to all that embroidery.

Although extremely cold and blustery outside... Ginger, Barbara and I braved the elements to walk around downtown historic Williamsburg. We stopped at the Abby Aldrich museum to see the special Baltimore Album quilts on exhibit. Here are just a couple of the amazing works of art on display.

I would like to extend a very special Thank You to my quilting friend Kaye Pelley for adding to this wonderful experience.
She took the time to show us "newbies" around, introduce us to the teachers and even come out on her day off to have lunch with us.

Thank you also to Ginger for taking on this adventure with me and making it FUN!
And to my little Sis, Barbara for helping me navigate and for generously volunteering her time to help out at the event.

Every quilt tells a story.....


  1. I am so jealous! You were with quilting royalty!! Looks like you had a wonderful time.

  2. I am happy to hear that you had a wonderful time and was able to immerse yourself in applique!

  3. What fun! .....and it is so good to put a face to what I determined to be a very nice person, great quilter and blogger. ;D

  4. Look how happy you are :-D I can tell you had a AWESOME TIME ! I see you made lots of new friends !

  5. congrats for getting to go this is on my bucket list maybe I just need to make it happen next year!
    I am so happy for you , you look thrilled!!!!!

  6. What a wonderful experience... thank you for sharing it with us! It looks like it was a great time!

  7. You must have been in quilter's heaven - what a treat to be part of that experience! The Autumn Baltimore Album quilt is a thing of wonder and beauty! Isn't Williamsburg special? I used to live in nearby Newport News and we would often go for a drive and visit all the sites there.

  8. Oh how wonderful to attend such an event! Lucky you! So nice to see a picture of you! You do look like you are having a great time! Be sure to show us your block when it is done!

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