Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March Redwork block

What crazy March weather we've been having!
Thunderstorms and a record 70 degrees on Friday and then Snow & Sleet yesterday. Today we are back to normal temps again in the mid 50's.

I like the blustery look of this month's little girl, it fits our weather here in VA.

every quilt tells a story....


  1. Oh, the Ides of March. Her scarf tells it all.

  2. Thank you Doreen for making these Calendar Redwork blocks for both of us ! I am really enjoying us making this quilt together .

  3. Obviously, Sunbonnet Sue has been caught by a big wind. A different interpretation of a windy March and I like that.

  4. She is dressed for the windy day here in CA too. How fun you and Sue are doing this together. I like the arrow frame for Feb, will this one be different? Nice Redwork!

  5. The year is flying by isn't it, we are having beautiful weather at the moment, Indian summer I think, temperatures are just nice - not too warm or cold.

  6. your march little girl is beautiful, february too.. all
    have a nice stitching day

  7. Very sweet little embroidery, and yes indeed the weather here is very contrary too!!!


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