Friday, January 20, 2012

First Official DJ Club Meeting 2012

Monday was SO exciting for me! It was the first meeting of our local Dear Jane Your Way club 2012. I even bought Cake to celebrate!

Here I am going over our block assignments for January.

Due to it's size (30 members) - the club is divided into a day & and evening group.

The highlight of the meeting for our members was a surprise phone conversation (on speaker) with Brenda Papadakis offering words of wisdom & encouragement to our Club members. What a gracious woman she is! Truly an amazing way to begin our club's Dear Jane Journey!

every quilt tells a story....


  1. Congratulations Doreen on your first Dear Jane your way Cub 2012 meeting ! All of your members look all excited and ready to go on this amazing adventure with you ! How wonderful of Brenda to take the time to speak to the members with words of encouragement . I am sure the members were very surprised.

  2. Congratulations Doreen! Wow 30 joined your first Dear Jane Club and Brenda P took the time to make that call, that's fantastic! LOVE the cake! Wish I lived close by.

  3. 30 members is a great turnout, I suspect you will be quite busy, I am so looking forward to seeing the progress of these DJ quilts.

  4. Congratulations dear Doreen! It's great to start your Club with 30 members. It must be fun to work all together. I look forward to see your progresses.

  5. Congratulations Doreen, What a wonderful start, 30 members - I think you are very brave to start a Club. I wish you all the best.

  6. Congrats! the cake is such a cute idea. Wish there was a Dear Jane club around here, I might actually get the quilt finished!
    Looking forward to watching the progress of this many new DJ quilts

  7. Oh, DJ is on my quilt bucket list. I just bought the book, too.

  8. I'm in a club and it's so nice to have that exchange every month...


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